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Sunday, October 4, 2015



First and foremost, I live on high ground and am in no danger. With that said, this place is fucked.

Why would these things be placed in a floor prone area?

A human chain to rescue a person.

The emergency response teams are working their ass off.
But they are not even picking up the 911 phone anymore...they are THAT inundated. 

Lots of people are without power because the washed out trees knocked down lines.

Several interstates are closed.

This is a brand new shopping mall.
 A large pet shop is flooded and all animals are feared dead.

This place won't be up to normal for a long, long time.

Damns are breaking all over the state.
The huge Lake Murray dam is going to open it's flood gates for the first time since 1956.

 This from the area of my wife's stores.

And keep in mind that it is supposed to rain all fucking night.

They are closing schools just like a snow day. They are begging people to stay in their homes because they simply can't rescue you if you get in trouble.

But there is humor in any tragedy. A very large woman who lived in the same apartment complex that I used to live in one time was forced to flee - water reached the roof. She said she just grabbed what she could and ran through the water to higher ground. The newslady ask what she took with her, and that woman said, "A DiGiorno pizza and my dog."
How the newslady kept from laughing I will never know.

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