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Saturday, November 28, 2015


One Of My Very Own…

 When Zoe Stavri woke up with a yeast infection, she had a strange and intriguing idea: what about adding some of her vaginal candida to sourdough starter?

He was very smort to use the pole.
 There are oh so many things that can go wrong with deep frying a turkey; Too much oil, frozen bird, and trying to submerge the bird neck up/hole down. And I'm sure there are more.


A fighter from the Democratic Forces of Syria, stands near a military vehicle which belonged to Islamic State militants.

So, my dismal South Carolina Gamecocks face the undefeated Clemson Tigers tomorrow at noon. Even the major local newspaper had a cartoon of a tiger driving a steam roller down the road toward Columbia. The bookies have the spread in Clemson's favorite higher than it has ever been...in like a hundred years. From such things alcolholics are born.

I think all of these are very funny. Guy just puts them up all over town....for your amusement.

It's called logic. Use it.


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