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Saturday, November 7, 2015


One Of My Very Own…


My wife's adopted homeless woman moved back to town. When my wife intercommed (is that even a word?) me to say I should come say hi, I…combed hair prior to going to the porch, which I though odd. She is a rather pleasant old woman for a person without a tooth in her head…when she’s taking her medicine. Without her meds she one of those people who bangs on the hood of your car when you wait for her to cross in front of you at an intersection.
She calls me Bubba, but I don't call her anything for fear she won't like it.
Come to find out, she kind of likes being homeless. My wife once noticed that things kept going missing from our back porch, and she asked  the old woman if she took them. She responded, "Yes, yes I did. I'm might be a thief, but I ain't no goddamn liar." You have to admire that.

Then there's this lying prick...


NASA just saw something come out of a black hole for the first time ever.

 I'm assuming these are artist renderings.


I know some of these are reposts, and I know there are limited what I call "rust colored quips," but it's Saturday...cut me some slack.
There are a plethora of naughty bits, because I like naughty bits.


Urban camouflage...

And I bet it's just as smart as it looks...

 He's apprehended a shoplifter...awaiting the cops.

Wait for something...unusual...
 Grandma's ready.

 Yes, he is dead.

 I think this might be the same kid.
Is that the same kid as the basketball clip?


Cutting torches can be fun...
Speaking of...
 No ladders were harmed in the making of this clip...

Speaking of ladders...

 Wherever this is, they must not have an OSHA...

What kind of sorcery is this...


 And they took the time to blur out the plastic naughty bits.

 One man's depravity is another man's hobby.

Peyronies Disease (Crooked Penis)

"For luck" they say...

It's a buttplug...

 The class' assignment was to paint a candle's flame.

I wonder what the qualifications are for that job.

You're welcome.

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