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Saturday, January 16, 2016


One Of My Very Own…

This image has gone mega-viral...

And it shows no indication of slowing down...

Americans' awful math skills are the laughing stock of the world.

 And why won't he win? The major share of his supporters are young people, the same young people who flatly refuse to vote.

So long, Mr Gruber

His reply when someone complimented him of his distinctive voice...

When Bill Murray dies, the internet is going to implode.


A comment from viewer: “You mentioned wondering of entire ways of perception exist that we lack the organs to perceive. I knew a hearing woman once, born to two deaf parents. Her mother once asked her, WHAT sound does the sun make when it hits the ground? I found that idea enchanting. What sounds would it make when it hit dry summer grass, water, my hand?”

And another: "I tried the 'egg in the jar of water' trick. I had better luck with old fashioned peeling. This "hack" doesn't work very well, if at all. There you have it."

Want to see Morgan Freeman at his absolute best?
Watch The Magic of Belle Isle. Watch it and think of another person who wrote then just stopped.

I don't get this one...

 That's fucking hilarious.

Ha! Somebody wrote a whole book about it!

 Get it?

 Get it?

 I always thought BYOB stood for Be Your Own Boss.

No idea, but cool image.


Ted Opal said...

"Americans' awful math skills are the laughing stock of the world." ....you are right but the math is close if the 1.7 billion was all from the US...it is not.

Fardygardy said...

A diphthong is two. Vowels together creating a different sound. Like ou in couch and oi in coin. Ea in dean is not a diphthong, but clearly Dean is a dip, wearing a thong.

Ted Opal said...

ok cook E
now try the math again

Ralph Henry said...

How about "brown E's"?

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