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Sunday, January 17, 2016


One Of My Very Own…

My, oh, my.

The downside is that there are a whole bunch of bankrupt oilers in America. 


US makes a deposit on ISIS cash reserves...
    US forces bombed an ISIS cash depot in Mosul, Iraq in an effort to destroy their cash reserves which are utilized for paying soldiers and buying munitions. Millions of dollars in multiple currencies were destroyed and it's literally raining fiery money in the drone video.


I'm pulling for you, big guy.


My wife used to sell Bubba Teeth, a insert that looks like the worst teeth ever. I found mine yesterday.
I wore those to a wedding once and I thought my nephew, Bruce, was going to laugh himself ill. 


Rule #1 in the restaurant business: Don't kill your customers.


What I wished he would say...




Now they have him for grand theft auto.


If you haven't subscribed to the Hard-to-Find Mormon Videos YouTube channel, you don't know what you're missing. Watch this anti-coffee film from 1980. It's got edge of your seat action, engaging characters, humor, ethical dilemmas, and intrigue, plus an American Sign Language interpreter, and is presented in an experimental time-slice format that would make any film school student envious.

This is short and worth the watch.

Why is this so clear to me, but totally inconceivable to so many others?
 I think it comes down to just assuming your parents were infallible. They taught you the "truth" and that is that. I prefer to teach children to think for themselves.

 This man is reported to be humble?
Every word he is recorded as saying is egotistical. 

 The stupidest fucking thing I've read.
Let's try this on for size...
I have never figured out how normally intelligent people refuse to apply the same logic they use for every aspect of their life except religion.

I don't know what this means, but I trust the cartoonist.

 Have any of you actually thought carefully about what it would be like in heaven?
 And remember, Jesus said that his followers would be alive when he came back.

I can understand how words like this would be comforting.
But just being comfortable is not a basis to live one's life. If you are going through difficulty, get up off your knees, stop praying and do something to help your situation.

There are and have ALWAYS been people who lied to promote themselves and/or their causes.
 Why is this an impossibility for your savior?

I will state again, this church is just a legit as any other.

 Think about it.

1 comment:

MacGyver said...

"Nous Restons" = We Remain or We Stay

I like this cartoonist and appreciate the body of work.

In the context of that particular toon, though, I'm not sure what sentiment is being conveyed. Most art is open to interpretation, so I will choose to believe it conveys perseverance despite fanaticism. I want it to mean something like that.

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