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Friday, February 12, 2016

FRIDAY #2611

One Of My Very Own…


I posted this gif a while back and on this Wednesday's post a comment was made explaining his situation.
He calls himself Mustang Wanted and he has quite a story.

After Russia invaded the Ukraine this guy went to Moscow and climbed one of its highest Stalinist style buildings with a huge ugly golden start on the top. He painted the top part of that star blue, so that it resembles the colors of the national flag of Ukraine.
This is a very short clip of his exploits and I strongly suggest you take the time to watch it.

This is Charlie. He is the star of the movie Charlie’s Country, and I suggest you Netflix it.

And now a collection of political silliness...
And let’s not forget, he gave her one million dollars to attend his daughter’s wedding and she took one million dollars to attend same.

But seriously, this man scares the shit out of me.

Yeah, back when politics were sane…

But let’s not lose sight of the important aspects of this election….STICKER BOY!


Yes to beer. No to no beer. It’s just that simple.



Rubick Cube art...falling aport...

Remember what I told you about sculpture transforming space...

Perfect example. 

Arts & Architecture, Annett Zinsmeister

 Computer manipulation?

The whole room - floor, ceiling and wall - are painted.

Just a matter of perspective?


No, the sculptures are just huge.

The life of small things, Adam Ekberg

I like them. 
And there is no way for me to explain why to you...but I will try. I love strange juxtaposition and these pieces nail it. It doesn’t have to change your life to be good, it just has to occupy your mind…and maybe put a sly smile on your face.

Deep, Andrew Faris


Photography as an art form...

Bill Brandt, Nude, East Sussex Coast, 1959

A photograph is not created by a photographer. What they do is just to open a little window and capture it. The world then writes itself on the film. The act of the photographer is closer to reading than it is to writing. They are the readers of the world.

 - Ferdinando Scianna


Me and the wife have been having a lot of make-up sex lately. I have to make-up that I am having sex with her.


This photo captures the sexual technique of these people perfectly.
 Or maybe that's just me, but I found it very funny.


One in 10 of Britain's train carriages still flush toilet waste straight on to the railway tracks.


In 1907, Charles Morgan of Broome Station sent this telegram to Henry Prinsep, the Chief Protector of Aborigines for Western Australia, in Perth: "Send cask arsenic exterminate aborigines letter will follow."

Louvre Museum. The Grande Galerie abandoned during World War II. The priceless art was hidden in barns and such and not one piece was lost.

War is not only hell, but there is seldom any innocents...

 That man's head was just severed.

The good old USA sent back some of the brightest Europe had to offer....just because.

Miner Boy:

Children were cheap labor in the mines. This boy spent 10 hours a day in that outfit with only the light from that tallow wick lamp. He cleaned & played the part of a "canary" (kids were easier to replace than good miners). He was probably Finnish or Swedish & indentured to the company for the purpose of paying his fathers debts. The unions fought bloody battles to get these children out of the coal mines.


Buzz Aldrin claimed $33.31 in travel expenses connected to his trip to the moon.



Sister Cat

Planet of the Peas

The Dogfather


Using a cellphone in 90's: "He's probably a drug dealer."

Using a pay phone today: "He's probably a drug dealer."


Asik Asik Falls, Philippines


"Let us turn ours into a country of mushrooms by making mushroom cultivation scientific, intensive and industrialized!" is an official slogan of North Korea.


Two things smart parents do to produce smart children.
Teach them to identify leaves. There is probably an app for that, but I would use one of those big paperback books made for just such identification. It's also fun.
And, of course, let them wonder through art museums at their own speed. Answer their questions the best you can, but basically just follow them around.


I don’t nap. I just practice lying quiet and motionless in case I’m kidnapped.


Non-lethal restraint.
 I wonder why the cops don't use this.
No word if that thing is also electrified. The bad guy is sure acting like it.


True love.
 He must be hung like a....oh, never mind.


The Oort Cloud is really, really starting to piss me off.


Let's take another look at this.
Things that work exactly as they were designed is a real turn-on for me.


This man was jumping across a void in a roof, accidentally stepped on the air hose, and his nail gun hit is leg...twice. 
 Just that quick, two four inch nails and, as he wrote at the time of the above photo, still no pain.
Well, that is one lucky guy. BOTH nails missed all bone by going between the femur and the kneecap.


If you die a virgin, you are the first person in your line of ancestry not to have rubbed nasties.


Another extraordinary example of luck.


Narwhals' long tusks - an exaggerated front tooth used for courtship - are super-sensitive.


The apartments at 310, 320, and 330 Esplanade in Pacifica, California are literally hanging over the edge of a cliff. Rain, storms, and rising ocean levels are steadily eroding the sandy bluffs on which the apartments are built. After the El Nino storms of 2009 and 2010, tons of rock were piled on the beach and the cliffs were covered with fiber-reinforced concrete, but the erosion-prevention measures have failed in the recent storms.
We might all get ready to accept this sort of thing "normal."


Have you ever had to describe sexual experiences with a doll?


Have a friend who got a new girlfriend and spend many nights at her place. When he returned to his place he had a letter from the electric company that he owed a shitload of money. Not understanding how he could possibly owe that much money, he walked around looking for an open window or whatever. He found his stove that he had left on at 400 degrees for over a week. Bummer.

And he MANAGES a restaurant!

 I have the same problem with this as I do fat letter graffiti.
 He does the same thing over and over and over and over again and really expects our awe each time he replicates it. Sad, that.

The Monologuist

Not all that funny, but to be interesting doesn't always require humor. 


And yet they could recite their lines and control their expressions right on cue...


Two self-driving cars, certain of their inevitable collision, calculate the Klout scores of their passengers to decide which ones to save.


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