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Sunday, February 28, 2016


One Of My Very Own…


The sad part is that this will really happen.

It may surprise you (it did me) that these are young(ish) Iranian women in line to vote today.

Ran across this today:
“Automated DMCA takedowns, spurred by the complaint of a well-known copyright troll.”

Do any of you real computer people out there think my small print problems are due to some copyright troll?



As a side note, sometimes it is very difficult to figure out which weekend file to place images. There are four: Fun With Language; People Not Like You and Me; When Shit Hits the Fan; and Shit You Don’t See Everyday. That last one could have fit in all four.
But not to brag, I’m not sure any of you will see anything weirder than that for a long while.

Just doing my job, folks…just doing my job.

Here’s an example of an image that should be in Shit You Don’t See Every Day, but I didn’t have that file when I put Post #2627 together.

Watch her nose.
And I think that last one should have been in When Shit Hits the Fan, but weekends are my days off and I have no intensions of moving it.

You might want to look at that again.

The “Look at me” look…
…because I need more attention than the average person because…just because.

She just remembered it’s Friday…

If you were a chemist and a buddy said, “Taste this,” would you taste it?

You can just see the pride in his face.

Let’s take another look at this superstar…

I’ll have some of what he had…

Note: I think that the Afgan war was totally justified.


Anonymous said...

Regarding the lady in the wheelchair shooting a gun with an elaborate contraption...My wife's brother, now deceased, was a quadriplegic who liked shooting guns before he became paralyzed. He had an engineer friend manufacture a similar device where he could puff or sip air through a tube which would activate the trigger mechanism. It was pretty cool...

Ralph Henry said...

And I believe I have met that young man and was quite impressed.

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