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Saturday, March 19, 2016


One Of My Very Own…


Saint Pat's day - when amateur drunks display their weaknesses...

I know a very smart man. Here's his take on a problem I posed several days ago.

I agree that is murder but…
 You stated she was shot in the left side of her head.  However, I think she was shot in the right side of her head.  That is why the gun was placed in her right hand.  I can’t tell by looking at the picture of her body where the entry/exit wound is.
 She sat  facing her attacker.
·         The position of the slipper indicates this
·         The missing slipper indicates it was moved after the fact

The stool is tipped over toward the wall and the splatter is on the wall
·         This gives the most merit to being shot in the right side assuming you agree she faced her attacker.
 She is left handed
·         Coke can on left side.
·         Ash tray on left side
·         Cigarette in left hand
The attacker wrote the note
·         The slant of the paper gives it away
·         A left handed person slants the top of the paper to the right.
·         A right handed person slants the top of the paper to the left.
 Conclusion:  It was murder mainly due to the evidence that she was left handed and is holding the gun in her right hand.
 The glasses throw me off a little though, as they are placed at the angle a left handed person would place them on the desk.

And believe it or not, that commenter's cousin knows all about medical marijuana.

Marijuana replacing drugs...yes it is true that it can have a therapeutic effect similar to many of the drugs listed...anti-anxiety (Xanax), analgesic (Vicodin), hypnotic (Ambien), antidepressant (Zoloft). I would argue against ADHD (Adderall). It has also been shown to have anti-seizure and antispasmodic effects. Clinical trial data is not conclusive for these.
However, the main problem is "dosing". How would you dose it for antidepressant use but keep from getting tired? Same thing with anxiety. given the variability in potency from one batch to the next as well as from one "strain" to another, dosing would be a major issue. Another problem is safety. While we have a lot of anecdotal evidence that marijuana is relatively safe, it is not know what the long term effects are when used therapeutically as a drug...again..clinical trials need to do some catching up.
Interestingly, the central nervous system as well as immune cells and other tissues are rather abundant in cannabinoid receptors...CB1, CB2, etc. Synthetic drugs that affect these receptors have been under investigation for quite some time, ones that activate the receptor as well as ones which inactivate (antagonize) the receptor. I believe there was an antagonist in development for obesity (makes sense right?...smoking pot causes the munchies...block the body's ability to activate the receptors may decrease hunger).
In summary, its a area of research that is under intense investigation. While there is some benefit to smoking it, the dosing is a major problem for most disease states. some extracts of marijuana, such as cannabidiol, are being produced in known concentrations for reliable dosing. this may be the direction things are heading.

And now for the important new: The most beautiful baby in the world.


This guy had a plant growing out of this tooth...

This is one of the goddamnest things I have ever seen...

I may post it every time it comes up.

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