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Sunday, March 20, 2016


One Of My Very Own…


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I posted this image several days ago and asked if it was murder or suicide.
Get a load of this shit from a very alert viewer:

I agree that is murder but…You stated she was shot in the left side of her head.  However, I think she was shot in the right side of her head.  That is why the gun was placed in her right hand.  I can’t tell by looking at the picture of her body where the entry/exit wound is. She sat  facing her attacker. The position of the slipper indicates this. The missing slipper indicates it was moved after the fact. The stool is tipped over toward the wall and the splatter is on the wall. This gives the most merit to being shot in the right side assuming you agree she faced her attacker.
She is left handed
·         Coke can on left side.
·         Ash tray on left side
·         Cigarette in left hand
The attacker wrote the note. The slant of the paper gives it away. A left handed person slants the top of the paper to the right. A right handed person slants the top of the paper to the left.
Conclusion:  It was murder mainly due to the evidence that she was left handed and is holding the gun in her right hand.
The glasses throw me off a little though, as they are placed at the angle a left handed person would place them on the desk.

Mostly old...I've been busy


Did you know that in some places a favorite form of torture is to tilt a victim’s chair back and pour cola down his nose?

I’ve seen some stupid shit in my time, but that ranks right up there with the stupidest.

Must be a Darwin Award winner.

Did you notice his hat?

I know that is not all that funny, but the look he gives after the incident is exactly what a human would do.

If there is one takeaway from today’s post, it’s that you should NEVER drink anything that is on fire.

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