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Friday, May 27, 2016

FRIDAY #2714

One Of My Very Own…

I know...I know.


CNN posts Trump tweet, doesn't notice the first reply...

Proving “Vegans Can Do Anything” Women Dies Climbing Mt. Everest

"Why are you going to climb Mount Everest?"
"To prove vegans can do anything," were her exact words.

Sex with my wife is so good I see dead people.

An orangutan from a zoo was reintroduced to the wild in Borneo and began spear fishing after watching local fishermen.

Now I wonder how many different kinds of these plants there are.

Flirting with death...Level: Expert.

More of the cat confused by snake half eaten by frog...

Amoeba eats two paramecia...

How come when my wife says “we need to talk” it’s never about beer or football?

Firing a Mauser C96

You know you're a bad ass when your gun has its own gun. Did you notice his shirt?

20mm Anti-Tank Rifle

And that is why you must have infantry accompanying your tank formations.


I don't post many photos of food, but this is my famous spinach and gorgonzola sauce over a filet tip.


Can you spot the American?

(Okay, technically he IS from around here.)


Outside the US Embassy in Seoul. Has the whole fucking world gone mad?

Ukrainian immigrants in the United States offer free borscht to celebrate Stalin’s death (1953)

New development projects on previously undeveloped land often encroach upon existing private properties and farmlands. Sometimes such a property includes cemeteries. Usually in such cases, the bodies are dug up and moved to a new cemetery with the developers footing the bill. But sometimes families refuse to move the graves of their ancestors forcing developers to build around the cemeteries or the graves, such as in Amity, in the state of Indiana, U.S, where there is a grave right in the roadway.

Any older man with a ponytail is never more than 150ft away from his pickup truck at any given time. Or his motorcycle. Depends on whether his jacket is leather.


Stealth Fighter.

Now...think quick...who the hell are we to trust anymore?

My typo game is string.
The kind that spellcheck doesn't highlight.

Please read this very carefully...


In a related topic, I have found very few people who actually know how a cell phone gets the call to your grandma in California. Everyone thinks it bounces off a satellite. In fact, the call from your phone to the nearest tower, then on a land line to the tower closest to your grandma.

Some times when I see images like this, I get very depressed.

Inside those boxes are human beings who spend all day answering the phone. Or driving a fork lift. Or sweeping the floor and emptying trash cans. Or directing the traffic of other beings on the way to work. Or repairing potholes for the people driving to such mind numbing routines.
But then, a little farther out are the people who sell the shoes to the guy who drives the forklift. Or gives useless piano lesson to the truck driver's daughter.
And here I am screwing little key packets to trees and utilities poles for no reason whatsoever.

Who would you think is the lost soul in this scenario?


Beer is a good argument against nihilism.

I think he caught a bottle to the head.
This came without explanation, but as I understand it, it has gone viral, so...

Ship drops anchor on tug boat. That's one tough boat!


I will bet money a guy is not only driving the car, but taking this video...

Women are way too smart to get this close. I think you will agree.

I just don't understand how moats ever went out of style.


Anonymous said...

Why would a sane person put a heavy sauce on a filet?

Ninja Grrrl said...

Maybe we are all lost souls seeking the comfort of each other. Fear makes the rules, and that is a damned shame. You used to say a lot that being happy was simply a choice. I thought about it a lot, still do. It gets harder as I learn more. Do I miss the bliss of my ignorance? Sometimes, sure. But there is still such beauty in this world. Just yesterday a shy young man gave my elderly neighbor some flowers and then ran off awkwardly after she thanked him. I live in what one might call the hood, I see drug deals daily although violence isn't as public. And even here, I see such acts of love every day. As long as I can drag my old bones around to make a garden for my friend or do things here and there to give back, my life has value to me. I believe that love is what happens in the giving more than the taking. The moments on my life that I remember most fondly, are those times I have sacrificed greatly and it has helped someone else. Maybe the artists are the found souls calling us all home. That is what I truly believe.

Ralph Henry said...

Who puts heavy sauce on a filet? The French. But what do they know about cooking.

Ninja Grrrl said...

Im not exactly sane but I have to agree, this is sacrilege plain and simple.

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