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Friday, June 17, 2016

FRIDAY #2735

One Of My Very Own…


Guy has too little blood in his drug stream.
Dance like no one is watching .. but they are ... the whole world by now.


BREAKING NEWS: Scientists baffled by gay 2 year old alligator falling into a gorilla night club.

Can't laugh? Bullshit. It won't change anything. And you only care about it because a giant corporation splattered it all over their cable news just to get you to watch their commercials.

This cartoon guy seems to understand the problem pretty damn well...

The part of the story no one bothers to talk about....

My young chemist friend put an image of his friend on Reddit and it went viral just about instantly....

His caption: "He said he had a "bald man super power." I didn't believe him."

I used to put my finished drawings on my daughter's toy kitchen fridge.

The Shrine of Sayeda Fatima Al-Masouma, Iran

I can't tell if it's a wall or ceiling, but either way it is impressive.

Here is the best bar trick I ever saw...sort of...

When I was shown it, the heads were cut off a two colored head kitchen match so that there was no wood stem left. The heads then sank to the bottom. By pressurizing the bottle the heads rose to mid-bottle...like magic.


But, of course, they didn't go. Imagine if they did, we could have just dropped 500 million and evacuated every city. Wars don't work that way.

Oh, my...

One fun thing about kids crying is trying to determine if they broke a crayon or got their arm stuck in a piece of farming equipment. 



This guy did more to educate American youth than the school systems.


Ridiculous, of course, but what would happen if he had evidence? The first thing to go would be religion. And Americans would tell stories about when they believed that nonsense in their ancient holy books. And laugh. And maybe not kill each other.

The cockpit of a space shuttle.

1983 Citroen GSA interior

Everything is at your fingertips...

Your psychiatrist's opinion about your obsession with your blog view numbers don't count if he has less followers than you do.


Landing in the fog.


And trees have been around longer than the microbes to decay them.


How many of you caught what was clever about that? Check out the eyebrows.

I think wrestling is the perfect sport, probably dating back to our oldest ancestors. It's a way to solve disputes without killing anyone.


Never forget that this competition exist internationally

A Febreze commercial but with pot head teenagers trying not to get busted by their parents that had just walked in the house. 


Maybe a good idea, but far too sluggish. Wars don't wait on all of us to vote.

Then there's this guy.

Perfect example of the militarization of the police, but that's not why I posted it. Whatever those things are in his ammo belt across his chest looks very much like my tightly rolled one dollar bills "money belt."





Of course you could, Sparky. Just get a good education and a good job so you can afford a house in a more affluent area.

Somebody I don't know said that the above map was rather accurate.


Wright brothers did not "invent" the airplane. They merely tweaked how to control the airplane.

When you catch the last wire...

My wife and I were eating lunch with a friend of hers. The wife took one bite and said, "That was the 2nd grossest taste I have ever put in my mouth." Then she looked a me and said, "No offense, Honey."



I used to place fake presents under the Christmas tree with my children's name on it and when one of them misbehaved I would toss one of them into the fireplace.

The shooter and the shootee...

Pope John Paul II meets with Mehmet Agca, the man who attempted to assassinate him, 1983

Finally, a tutorial on how he did it...

I have prior posts concerning the problems Europe is facing due to the influx of a large number of Muslims; a great percentage of which refuse to assimilate. Here's a shocker:

(Note: I have no idea who that woman is or what happened to her.)

I did some research on that and, sadly, it pretty accurate. The % was exaggerated, but not by much. This from a respected news source:
Asylum seekers from Muslim-majority countries are being offered classes in Norway aimed at teaching them about what constitutes sexual violence in the Scandinavian nation in order to fight what many consider to be an epidemic of sexual assault.


ALIEN: You Earthlings have many technological advances. How do you predict the weather?
ME: We pull a rodent out of a box.


I had a rather long conversation about robots with a young college student. I informed him that self-driving cars (robots) would put countless millions of human drivers out of work. Then we expounded on a time when robots could do just about anything and everything, and I wondered aloud what we would do with all our free time. He was much more optimistic than I was, mentioning making art, poetry, getting healthy, etc. Then I asked, but how would they make the money to buy the robots. He suggested the government would provide them. I asked him where the government would get the money to buy all the robots they were going to give away. He said they would tax the robot makers, then give that money to the people so they could buy the robots. I said, So your workable system is like taxing General Motors and giving those tax dollars to you and I so we could buy Chevy trucks. He said, Yes.
I wept for the future.

Uranium emitting alpha particles


Anybody got an explanation for that?

This was not in the script...

What a wonderful job that must be.

Trump is a plant by the NRA to make liberals want to shoot someone.


Some things people smarter than me said:


Ninja Grrrl said...

(Don't post this one if I shouldn't comment so much, I'm sure you get tired of seeing stuff from the same person.) My explanation for the cop going to his belly next to the perp, is that there are other cops waiting around that blind corner, and he doesn't want to get shot. He knows if he slides out with the guy, he will be able to stand up in short order as the other cop's eyes register that one person is still down and recognize him as a fellow cop. Then he could immediately cuff the perp. It was brilliant thinking, far quicker calculations than conscious thought would allow for. That's my guess. Also, dude. Great mustache.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making me laugh first thing this morning with the Bon Jovi guy.

David Spears said...

I disagree with your statement. If anything I think that the religious fervor would only get more intense if there was proof of the existence of aliens. I have this image of Billy graham knocking on their door asking if they know Jesus

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