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Thursday, July 28, 2016


One Of My Very Own…



Give me one reason to vote for this woman without mentioning Donald Trump. Go.


Philae, the first robot to land on a comet, has reached the end of its life and is bidding a final farewell to Earth via Twitter.
After launching from a Rosetta probe, Philae landed on 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko in November 2014, becoming the first spacecraft to touch down on a comet. However, landing trouble led Philae to bounce across the landscape of the comet, finally settling down in a location about a kilometer away from its intended target, in the shadow of a cliff. As a result, the probe received only 1.5 hours of sunlight for every 12-hour rotation—not enough power to replenish its battery.

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge in 2014?

Its funds helped discover the gene linked to ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease).

"Sorbet" is a French word that means, "I wish it was ice cream."

Watched a silly movie...Mental.

Don't remember that song? Well, here's a reminder:

The movie did have one very funny line.
The mayor's wife caught him having sex on his desk and he says...



I once mulled over the idea of making a coffee table picture book of unusual Southern mail boxes.

Just another day in India...

The steaks have never been higher. (Moan)
I've heard that cows will go up stairs but it's extremely hard to make them go down stairs. So, get a crane I guess?
(Learned that that was exactly what they had to do.)

Me and clocks.

Land train?

"One in a billion."

A deputy fired at an armed robbery suspect and ended up shooting a bullet straight down the other gun's barrel, thus disabling it.

That Should Go Over Well in the Marine Corps

Please, please tell me that this guy has been put to sleep...

Holy fucking shit, y'all, I may not sleep tonight!

The water fits almost perfectly between the fence cables.

I'm the guy who would notice that first.

A few minutes after a Russian citizen started digging a cesspool for his outdoor toilet, the shovel hit something metallic, which turned out to be an army field locker of the Third Reich.

The Cadaceus symbol with two snakes wound around the stick of Hermes is the symbol of a Doctor; rank Captain.

Speaking of old clothes...

Kruber Cave - Deepest known cave on Earth.

I couldn't agree more...

Juliet: you know it's true love, when you finish each other's-
Romeo: LIFE
Juliet: [sighs all annoyed] Why do you say shit like that?


Jimi Hendrix discharged for jerking off.

I once read that when the wave reaches 90 degrees, it must cascade like this.

"The African Dodger, also known as “Hit the Nigger Baby” or “Hit the Coon” was a carnival game.

The purpose of the game was to hit the target with a ball — with one of your three throws — and win a prize. However, there was a different twist: the game’s target was a real live human being, a “negro” human being. The game was so popular nationwide that newspapers mentioned the African Dodger game along with trained animals, illusionists, penny arcades, merry-go-rounds and magic shows in the list of a carnival’s attractions. The African Dodger game was widespread in American society, in every part of the country. A short article in The Wayne County Democrat cited “authorities on anthropology” who “state that the negro has a very heavy and massive cranium constituting a bony arch of great resisting power. One scientist refers to the ‘common habit of negroes, of both sexes in butting like rams’ [which] … indicates that a negro’s head-bones have defensive strength unknown in the Caucasian race.”
Still feel fondly about the "Good Old Days?"

Christians have something very similar...

But a Baptist would never think of murdering, say, a Methodist...or Catholic.
And if the Koran and the Bible are perfect, how can there possibly be so many interpretations?


Note date.


Or so I'm told.


"The 9th rule of fight club is no roller skates. Honestly guys I don't know why we keep having to say this."


And sports fans ridicule Pokemon Go players.

A couple of headlines...
This article came with footage and still photographs and I just shrugged and thought, my viewers know exactly what they would look like.

Do you really need to see what the guy looked like who would do such a thing....nah.

Oh, hell, here's the kid and the eagle...


Ralph Teetor, the blind man who invented cruise control out of frustration with his attorney.
The inspiration for the cruise control system struck Teetor while he was riding with his lawyer in the 1940s. He noticed the lawyer had a tendency to slow down while talking and speed up while listening. This annoyed Teetor, who decided to come up with a device to control the speed of the car automatically. After several years of tinkering, in 1948 he filed his first patent for a device to accomplish just this.



A commercial sent to me from a friend:

[travels back in time]
[accidentally kills Baby Charlie Chaplin]


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