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Monday, August 29, 2016

MONDAY #2807

One Of My Very Own…


Defrosted my beer refrigerator for the first time in a couple of decades. The huge ice cap around the freezer box filled half the interior space, and as a professional lazy man, I take great pride in that.
A member of a group affiliated with Al-Qaeda has pleaded guilty in a landmark case that saw cultural heritage destruction being prosecuted as a war crime at the International Criminal Court.

The Spy Booth mural by Banksy appeared in April 2014 on the side of a residential building in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, just a few miles from the home of the U.K. government’s surveillance agency, known as GCHQ. The work was granted a special status by Cheltenham borough council in February 2015 which meant that the mural, which depicts three secret agents in trench coats and sunglasses spying on the adjacent telephone booth, could not be removed without prior council approval. Despite this, on Saturday photos began appearing on social media showing the wall of the house on which the mural is painted stripped down to the brickwork and covered by scaffolding and tarps.
I'm thinking they simply removed the mural and sold it.
According to Syria’s chief of antiquities, nearly 70% of looted objects seized in Syria and Lebanon are fakes.


This was even posted to prove he grew up in a privileged family who adopted him...

I assume to show he had no right to disrespect the anthem.

But then there's this guy...

People seem to forget what freedom means. It means we don't have to stand for the anthem.

Never Google "Can you die from an ear infection" after midnight.



I will never tire of the beauty of this...

Aircraft boneyard in Arizona.
Aircraft or airplane? I just go by the rule that aircraft refers to military and airplane civilian.
Am I wrong?


I've seen this skewed both ways and I'm sick of it.

My young children on the beach is one of my fondest memories...

Here's another...

She looks very much like that Italian Consul's daughter I hooked with in Germany a lifetime ago.


True? Who the fuck knows anymore.

"Dad, why isn't there chocolate meatloaf?" - my now rocket scientist daughter at 3.


I would also add shitty graffiti.

That same graffiti that people spend vast sums of money NOT to have to look at. What's the pride in that?

Guy looses a whole bunch of weight...

But it only took a few months for the body to deal with it...

I was once in an Uber going 100mph the wrong way on the freeway and the driver's girlfriend keeps calling and screaming at him on speakerphone. I thought he won, but she cried anyway.


How legroom on major airlines compare to one another.

Speaking of airlines, here's a Westjet flight attendant's safety demonstration...

Jordan MacTaggart from Colorado killed in Syria fighting as part of the the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) near the ISIS-held (now liberated) city of Manbij.

Yes, people are traveling half way around the globe to join the good guys too. We don't hear much about them.

National pride is one thing, but you know what another one thing is? Stupidity.

Me trying that new move out on the wife that time...

And my wife's reaction to said new move...

Then me again...

I asked my wife why she slept naked and she said, "Just in case Leonardo DiCaprio breaks in and wants to charcoal sketch me." I but nodded.

This woman is not considered nude.

Go figure.

Speaking of private parts...

Well kids, back in 2016 I might have had Olympic gold, if it wasn't for my damn penis.

Speaking of athletes...
I think these "games" are great...

17-year-old player gets a red card in his debut and the players of the opposing team try to console him.

Well, make up your damn mind...

Can you spot the one who keeps stealing all the wi-fi?

You might have to watch this more than once...

How the hell would you write that up in the stat book?


And this is why I should be President of the United State of America.

This is why I had to keep a close eye on my stack dollars estimate at the reunion...

Divorce is where you find out your wife is a hooker, and you owe her backpay.

Do all men have a stupidity gene?

Tiger sharks are responsible for a large percentage of unprovoked fatal shark attacks, and are one of the most dangerous shark species.


Our Uber driver once literally participating in my wife and my argument as if he was a full-fledged part of it. It was odd.



Wait for it...

What the fuck dude.

REMINDER: Joe Biden is the only American vice president in the last 15 years who hasn't shot a friend in the face.



JimReed said...

Aircraft is basically anything flying around: Airplane, helicopter, hot air balloon, flying car and your toy drone.
Airplane is, well...an airplane.

Fardygardy said...

Your meme of Maine's governor Paul LePage is an interesting study of the lunacy of the "math of Internet plus partisan politics"..not about the governor, but about the power of out of context quotes. LePage was talking about his extreme frustration with the rapidly growing epidemic of heroine addiction and overdoses in Maine, and the legislatures inability to deal with it. He was noting that in a state with only 1.1% blacks (of which 90% are peaceful Somali origin) over 90% of the drug smugglers/pushers are black and Latino from Connecticut. The quote was from his conclusion that if the drug smugglers are that noticeable, why can't we fix it?

I do not recall his exact quote, but he said something like, "if you were fighting in a war and the enemy only wore red uniforms, you'd shoot the ones in red."

(This is where the trolls attack.......)

Ralph Henry said...

Thank you very much...it explains a lot.
On a side note, the authorities in Chicago said that a big part of the problem with their murders is that no one will testify against anyone.

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