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Saturday, August 13, 2016


One Of My Very Own…



I read that that was possible because of mild (no AC or heat needed) weather at the same time there was strong winds.

Greenland shark may live 400 years, smashing longevity record.

Scientists have tried for years to figure out how long these creatures lived, but couldn't figure out a way of identifying their age. Finally, by looking at the proteins in their eyes, it's become possible to do so. This here shark, which is an apex predator in the Arctic Ocean, grows less than 1 centimeter per year. It takes about 150 years to reach sexual maturity. But the method is not yet super precise -- the upper estimate of the test shark's age is 512 years old. This means it's possible Christopher Columbus was still alive when this critter was born. Basically it's the oldest known vertebrate on earth. Incredible!

Here's an article in Science if you would like to learn more:
Then there are these magnificent bastards.

Fiji wins its first Olympic medal ever and its GOLD!! In Rugby.

Want to make god laugh? Tell him your plans.

Olympic commentator: Ooh she was a millimeter off. What a piece of shit garbage person.
Me: (eating a two foot long Slim Jim) Piece of shit.

If we get pulled over this beer is yours.
  - My Dad


ME WATCHING OLYMPIC EVENT: “Holy shit that was amazing!”
COMMENTATOR: “Ooh, that was not good at all. He must really be upset with himself.”


Those orange things are called Chimney Pots.


And my favorite...

Adult life in a nutshell...

Oh yeah!! Well, if smoking weed destroys your short-term memory, then what does smoking weed do?


Student body in New Zealand perform a high emotion haka to honor a beloved teacher as his funeral procession enters the school grounds.

Another clip that we can't allow to die from idleness...

I've watched it a dozen times before and never realized the guy is running a red light.

These are just some of the items a guy found 
dumpster diving in Cambridge in one week.



I should have thought of that.

Do we call macaroni and cheese "mac" because it's short for macaroni, or is it be "mac" is an acronym for Macaroni And Cheese?

If you like baseball - and who doesn't - then you will love the movie Fastball.
Guy by the name of Chapman did this.

That's faster than the blink of an eye.
The verdict: Nolan Ryan had the fastest fast ball of all time.

Viewer sent me this and said he didn't want to eat it.

But if you turn it this way it looks like a mouth...

And this way looks like an eye.

Researchers just discovered the world's deepest underwater sinkhole in South Chine Sea.

This is true!

"The successful candidate will have proven experience in scholarly research, organizing and conducting oral history interviews, writing for both scholarly and general audiences, and knowledge of material culture and archival materials... Candidates with an advanced degree in American business, brewing, food, cultural, or similar specialization within history are encouraged to apply."
This is all just academic speak for traveling around the country drinking.


Take a look at what modern medicine can do.

They had to give her a chin.

Here's some more faces that I found provocative.


Did you notice they shopped out her eyebrows?

Mugshots to help you feel better about yourself.

But seriously, this shit is embarrassing.

Let's take that last guy. Who the hell cares if he likes to sniff paint? Why is that anyone's concern, especially the judicial system's.

A deli near my home has a sign that reads: BLACK OLIVES MATTER.

But the arguments are all wrong.

There is no publisher in their right mind who would reject a black author that they knew would sell a billion books. The truth is that books by black authors just don't sell.

It's sort of like the problem of black people being followed around stores. When a shop owner gets a wanted poster from the police for two dozen known shop lifters and they are ALL black people, what do you expect the store owner to do? Seriously? And that is absolutely what happens at my wife's store. And we have a black mayor and black police chief.

All things one dollar bill gets space here.

Wenchuan Earthquake Memorial Museum
On 12 May, 2008, a devastating earthquake in Wenchuan County, in Sichuan, China, left nearly 70,000 people killed and over 18,000 missing. An additional 375,000 were injured and a staggering 4.8 million were left homeless as buildings and home collapsed everywhere.

Back in my day when we found a Pokémon we had to beat it to death with a rotary phone.


Intelligent Design

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