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Saturday, August 20, 2016


One Of My Very Own…



For whatever reason several of the comments you made and were emailed to me to be approved to eliminate spam went straight to my spam file. I just cleaned it out and posted some pretty old comments. Sorry, guys, I do the best I can.

One comment I would like to reply to. I was asked why I didn't use quotation marks to let people know I lifted it out of an article. Well, I'm not a very organized man. Sorry. I know when I get a photo of a rocket motor and there are words describing it, I really don't give a shit who actually wrote those words. And if somebody takes something I wrote on Folio Olio and uses it, please know that I don't need credit or quotation marks.

First, let's get the silliness out of the way...


Olympics Tidbits

I saw that live and was just as shocked as everyone else, but when this happened I was the only one to pick up on something rather clever...

I couldn't capture the proper view, but his shirt perfectly matches the lower part of the Japanese flag so that when it held it behind him, the flag was still complete.

The unsung hero of the olympic: this little javelin-shuttling remote controlled car.

I couldn't swear these are accurate...

But that misses the point. It would be like me protesting a tainted medicine for killing too many people and being rebuffed with the fact that automobiles kill far more.

Now the good news...
The U.S. Justice Department plans to phase out its use of privately-operated prisons, which it called less safe and less effective than government-run facilities, according to a memo released publicly by the department on Thursday.

In a move that hammered corrections company share prices, the Justice Department memo called for gradually phasing out the use of private prisons by letting contracts expire or by scaling them back. No more federally for profit prisons. No more reasons to keep people there to maintain profits. This is big, hopefully we can do the same to state owned prisons.

The little boy who has captured the hearts of the entire world.

"So, what say we stop our pissing contest and help these poor motherfuckers out?"

I've always wanted to go into a women's restroom and lift all the toilet seats.




^Alice by @verabugatti

^Eindhoven, Paesi Bassi

These are nails...

But the majority of his work is pop culture figures, which is just so very predictable.

I mean, does the world need yet another picture of Al Pacino?

A great way to relive your childhood is to outgrow your clothes every few months.



Sure, Michelle Obama said those words first but Melania Trump had the imagination to say them like an operative in a cold war spy thriller.



^I'm assuming that is caused by air coming up and out of the drainage system.

^Its fins are pockets.

Finding Directions - Simply stand a 3-foot stick on end and place a small rock where the tip of the shadow falls. Wait ten to fifteen minutes and place a second rock at the point where the tip of the shadow has moved too.

Draw a line between the two points. This is an east-west line. Place the toe of your left foot at the first rock and the toe of your right foot at the second rock; you will now be facing north. Anywhere on earth, the first shadow mark is west, the second east.


Same event, different view...

Came home from work early and caught my inflatable girlfriend cheating on me with my beachball...my bitch on the side.



Brains of overweight people ‘ten years older’ than lean counterparts at middle-age.


Imagine all the clues of pre-history humans, but nothing to let us know there name.

Then this 5,000-year-old clay tablet found in Mesopotamia (modern Iraq). It has dots, brackets, and little drawings carved on it and appears to record a business deal.

It reads: ‘A total of 29,086 measures of barley were received over the course of 37 months. Signed, Kushim.’
One of you people ought to name your next child Kushim. If you do I will mention it in my blog.


Life is like a roller coaster: There are ups & downs, you often feel like vomiting, but in the end there are weird pictures of you for sale.


Is that true?



Thanks, Obama.


A very famous person (I don't remember who) once said, "The worst problem with being poor is that it takes all your time."

Japan shows you fetishes you didn't even know you had.

"Mint edition still in the wrapper."
"They check in, but they don't check out."


Never confused narcolepsy and necrophilia during a serious conversation. Just don't.

Perfectly cast characters...

That is one of those productions that is so well cast that you can't imagine anyone else doing it.

I can guarantee you that they are practicing.

During real war he would be shot for that.

Sorry I accidentally inhaled your air guitar.


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Robin said...

If you think Kevin Spacey is good in House of Cards, you really should compare him to the late Ian Richardson, who played Francis Urquhart, in the original British version. He was superb. That said, I'm a fan of Mr. Spacey, pretty much everything I have ever seen him in has been brilliant, and largely due to his acting.

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