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Wednesday, August 31, 2016


One Of My Very Own…

Not One Of My Very Own…



I wonder how many of you nice people will know of what this refers...


What a wonderful thing to say about a guy.

Not a Drill: SETI Is Investigating a Possible Extraterrestrial Signal From Deep Space.

Here's the link:

Let me know if you find out more about that.

Don't hold your breath, Bern.

Trump Visits Black Communities

Try not swallowing your spit for like 20 minutes to get a whole new feel about how vulnerable you really are.

You have to love these guys...

There are millions of these type images on the interweb.

This is my favorite.

That must be exceedingly difficult.

Junkyard flintnapping: Arrowheads made from old glass and porcelain.

I mean, seriously, wouldn't you love to know how to do that.

Person not like my wife...

Don't stay inside and get depressed about the news. Go outside and get skin cancer!



Fun Facts about Genghis Khan

Guy toted a Keg to the summit of a 14,000 foot mountain.

And also carried his little tiny sissy-ass dog.

We Southerners call this "Beer Chucking."

We don't have a name for this...


Stupid bank is never open when you need to rob it.

I call that an attempt to cleanse the gene pool.

You may have to watch this more than once...

Somehow he is going to blame this on his mom...

The possibilities are endless...

Just plain silly?

Not to guys with a "mature" roommate.

While scrolling through Pornhub I came across this...

Came. Across. That.

The Olympic tennis final being played on what could be used as a giant green screen.

45oz tomahawk ribeye dry aged 45 days and seared in duck fat.

Is there such a thing as duck fat and if so why haven't I heard of it?

Boy, this brings back some memories...

I was present at the end of a huge pier when a man caught a sting ray bigger that a hood of a '89 Buick. It too a couple of hours to haul it up and as soon as it settled it started having babies just like that. Now, I'm thinking that this individual ray had some pretty impressive genes and her offspring should be placed back in the water, but the fishermen gathered around had other ideas. One of them yelled, "Those things make great bait!" and all of them were lifted, slammed on the pier and placed in bait buckets. Kind of made me sick.

Gentle Reader, this is Mr. Derek Pearce.

These are examples of his work.

A picture of every extraterrestrial body that robots from mankind have landed on and photographed.

No matter which kids book I used to read to my screaming child on an airplane, the moral of the story was always something about a vasectomy.


The Robot-Arm Prosthetic Controlled by Thought

Just think about what the future holds.

The surprising spryness of fighters in 15th C armor.

The name was intentionally chosen to ensure it the last spot on a list of US road names.

Who thinks about such things?

Kurdish Female Fighter

The smiles of freedom and fear of ISIS are all visible in the same sentence.
That's the smile you wear when your most precious possessions are Dignity and Humanity.
We...you and me...can't let these women be forgotten.

Would you like to learn just how very, very much you don't know about world history? This is a delightfully interesting, rapid fire graphic presentation of every empire (country) on the planet as they came and went. It is fascinating, but about 15 minutes. So if you don't have time now, come back to it tonight, at home, so you can crank the volume up.

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Anonymous said...

I wish you had slapped the crap out of those fishermen that stomped the baby stingrays.

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