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Tuesday, September 13, 2016


One Of My Very Own…


My Packers won, but if they think they can depend on miracles like this to win, I'm afraid we're in for a long season.

Kid stand up in front a march against gay marriage in Mexico.

"I have a gay uncle and i don't want him to be hated."

Think this is just political smears as usual?

Here's another view...

Well, I for one think this is a very serious matter.

There is a buzz about Bernie stepping in to take her place. I doubt that very much.

Think 9/11...

Chipped a tooth on a peach pit trying to get healthy. Doughnuts don't pull this shit.


God picked her particularly...

I, of course, find it ironic that all her prayers didn't spare her.

Can we assume that is a newer building?

Being buried alive must be horrifying.

Maybe what they say about doorway safety is true...

And if the Earth doesn't shake your house down on your head, it tries to drown you.

Yeah, like that's going to work...

Think stacked sandbags will keep the water out? Try stacking them across the middle of your bathtub, then turning on the water. How long do you think it will take before both sides are full?

Well, obviously prayer doesn't help.

Only a couple of feet of water for a short amount of time can ruin just about everything you have...

Augmented reality tabletop game.

This Gentle Reader, is just how easy it is to die.

I have taught my wife that if she is the first person at a red light and it turns green, she should ALWAYS look right and left. Just yesterday that advice saved her life, and she thanked me.

Said to be the first ever underwater photograph, c. 1899.

The sign says "Photographie Sous Marine". In english "Underwater Photography".

5,000 year old Rock Crystal Dagger Blade found in Spain.

Watch this carefully, then you decide...

Fake as my wife's orgasms.


When writing science fiction, always Google your made-up planet name; 9 times out of 10, it's an existing yeast infection medication.

One warning in advance: Even though I am trying to be as accurate as possible, I am hardly neutral on the issue. And I really think you shouldn’t be.

They are part of the YPG/YPJ, the 
Kurdish People's Protection Units, who together with Arabic, Assyrian, Armenian, Turkmen and Circassian Allies form the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The SDF is a Party in the Syrian Civil War that strives for a democratic, federalist and secular Syria. They fight against ISIS and other Islamist Jihadists while trying to build up local self-rule in contrast to the authoritarian Rule of Assad or other crooks.

And they have been doing so quite successfully aided by the American Air force and some 500 international volunteers.

But now we have told the Kurds they can't actually keep the areas populated by Syrian Kurds and, boy, are they pissed.

And speaking of badass women...

Sayeret Matkal - Israel

This Israeli special-forces unit is focused on reconnaissance, anti-terrorism and hostage rescue outside of Israel. Sayeret Matkal was formed in 1957 to fill a void in Israel’s special-forces and is made up of candidates selected for their high physical and intellectual characteristics. Candidates undergo eighteen months of training which includes basic infantry school, parachute school, counter-terrorism training and reconnaissance related training. The force has taken part in many large scale operations since the 1960s.
And all this time the US military has drug its feet on allowing women in combat. Go figure.

Knuckleball confuses everyone involved.

ME: I would like a complaint form.
STORE LADY: Sorry, we have none left.
ME: I would like two complaint forms.

Here's the link:

On a site about drunk foods from around the world...

Germany: Currywurst and fries.
I am convinced that I would have starved to death without the outdoor booths that sold those. Still makes my mouth water.


Archery in Japan, 1930

Look how long they are.

Never knew this was possible...

The macabre images released by the Norwegian Environment Agency depict 323 reindeer killed by lightning.

Next time I bet they let Rudolph play their game.


It stated that eventually, the snake regurgitated the lizard and both left alive.

I've learned that if I hit the gas every time my wife tries to open the passenger side door, the 8th time is always the funniest. Trust me.


That's true, you know.

Dickens: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.
Schrödinger: Nice, nice.




Let's play what happens next!

A: He hits someone with his guitar.
B: Someone hits him with another guitar.
C: A light fixture falls and knocks him out.
D: The stool breaks and the support post goes up his ass.




D: The stool breaks and the support post goes up his ass.


A repost of one of the very first images I ever posted...

My friend, Jack, found that hilarious.

In the movies, anyone can hot wire a car in 10 seconds. In real life, it takes me 20 minutes to find the gas flap release on a rental.


It is okay, to have your own opinion. It is okay to have differences of opinion and keep it civil. Never have we had the chance to be so well informed, and what do the majority of society do with this power? Society became a land of self-promoting, narcissists. Cheers to those who still believe it is okay to be different and a free thinker! Thank you for keeping life interesting! Life, in my opinion, would be boring if we were all the same.

And then there's this wonderful human being...

Next time you meet a creationist ask them what they know about carbon dating.


Anonymous said...

The picture with your comment about it being a newer building....you're wrong sir they were PRAYING harder than the neighbors

Ralph Henry said...

My kind of humor...much appreciated.

MyWifeDoesntKnow said...

Carbon dating is clearly a device invented by the devil to deceive us. He did this right after planting all those dinosaur bones everywhere. EVERYONE knows this!

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