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Friday, October 14, 2016

FRIDAY #2852

One Of My Very Own…



I will be out of town until Monday, so no replies to emails, comments, etc.

The New Carpe Diem

This is worth a view...


I just wish this guy wasn't so stupid.

Ladies and gentlemen, Ken Bone, an internet hero.

My wife looked over my shoulder and asked if I was downloading porn. I smiled and said, "No, I'm uploading porn." Then I winked at her and held up that "special toy" she keeps in the upper right-hand drawer of her dresser.


Tardigrade live on moss throughout the world.

As you probably know it can survive damn near any environment, even the vacuum of space. Well, now they know how it manages to do that.


He did that to optimize troop movements in case we were attacked.
As I recall, the most expensive "object" of all time is the space station.
Geely is the largest privately owned car manufacturer in China. It has become the main sponsor behind the British Bloodhound supersonic car project.

The Asian company’s support means the jet-cum-rocket racer now has the financial means to go and break the land speed record next year. Bloodhound aims to within two years raise the current land speed record to 1000mph. The speed of sound is more or less 761 mph.

The word "nothing" is a palindrome, because "nothing" spelled backwards is "gnihton" - which means nothing.


"I Pull For The Bull."

He did this KNOWING his family was watching!

Worst thing about this is, hydroplaning every time he passes the ladies.

Every job has its pranks for the new guy.

If anyone grabs a camera on a job site you should be very suspicious.

This one is probably not true...

Flushing Liquid Mercury Down a Toilet Is...Interesting...

I'm sure it wasn't actually flushed down into the sewer, but I guarantee a man thought of doing that.
This found later...

Of course it went into a recovery tank.

And his pregnant wife is his ground man...

And man coming upon a job site and finding a set of those WILL put them on and try to walk in them. Most often with disastrous consequences.
Don't ask me how I know that.

Guy's prop falls off...

And he coolly glides it in for a landing. There were three more gifs, but, quite frankly, they were rather boring.

This man is showing his young daughter what a taser will do.

I deduced that the shock made his grip tightened and he couldn't stop even though he wanted to.
To repeat - That's why I don't own one.

It's called Biryani.

Damn that looks good.

Speaking of food, here's my wife's newest tattoos...

(that's not true)
Give a man a mask and he will show you his true face.

I some parts of just about every major city this is called a "game."

As I understand it, you get more points if you knock the victim out cold. Now imagine giving those same people a powerful handgun. Well, you don't have to imagine it...just look at Chicago.

The age of hippies...

When old farts like me look back at images like this we think fondly of the summer of 69....no apostrophe.

And lo and behold this sumbitch was dead on concerning the Vietnam War.

A very lucky young motorcyclist, indeed...

Other than showing them this video, there is no way he could adequately describe how close he came to dying.

This took me a while...

Read the instructions, because that child surely did.


Me being mean: Would you shut the fuck up?
Me being nice: Could you please shut the fuck up?


Yeah, yeah, yeah, but Iraq was reported to have the sixth most powerful army in the world and we crushed them with hardly any casualties...on our side. However, if North Korea sent one million human beings marching south, they would reach Seoul before we could stop them.

Every country at war used to ask for such donations (in the US they were called War Bonds).

Only the victors paid the money back as promised.
I find that a perfect way to fund wars - borrow the money directly from your citizens. If the general population is against the war, the government can't raise the money to wage it. Think about that. Do you think Bush could have raised a couple of trillion dollars from US citizens to invade Iraq?
I will assure you, he wouldn't have gotten a penny of my money. Afghanistan a whole nother animal. They deserved to have their ass kicked...but not rebuilt.

Shout out to my self-aware friends, you know who you are.

How clever...

Y'all still remember him?


Women need a polite way to tell husbands to wipe his butt better.

Queen fan?


Man unwittingly snaps photo of kid stealing his girlfriend's watch.

The kids' faces were obscured because they aren't criminals - they are being abused by an adult who is making them do this.
I'm glad I didn't see that while my daughters were living at home....the extra money could have come in handy.

Things you may have seen before:

I've found some additional shots (I think) of this.

I never noticed the footholds before.

And extreme roads...

I have a bad feeling I'll be wearing one of those barrels with suspenders by the end of the year, but not in a fun, whimsical way.


If any of my viewers actually believe this, please leave a comment.... anonymously, of course.

Just so many cutesy words that when analyzed mean absolutely nothing.

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