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Saturday, October 15, 2016


One Of My Very Own…



The swimsuit portion of the presidential election is going to suck.


Now imagine it in reverse. Ouch.

Cruise ship pool in rough seas.

All fun and games until the wave knocks someone's skull against the concrete.

Let's discuss the real War On Drugs.

It was called the Vietnam War.

And there were estimates that half the warriors were on some kind of drug.

I've talked to many of them, and, yeah, a whole bunch of guys in Vietnam were as high as they could get and still walk.

This is what I imagined when told what a colonoscopy doctor did for a living.

Starbucks needs a separate line for people who say "um."


Gimbal MoVI M10 camera stabilizer.

How would you title this?

How about "Football player outruns sniper fire"?

Clever girl...

Silly but clever.

Ben Bulben, Co. Sligo, Ireland.

Now imagine superimposing every single human footprint laid upon that terrain. How much do you think has never been stepped upon?

What a great headline:

Note blurred dino face.

What perfect camoflage.

- Judas turning on Jesus
- Brutus helping to murder Caesar
- Verizon guy working for Sprint


"Is there an age limit to play this game, coach?"

Callipygian. Look it up.

Russian women dancing...

Could they possibly NOT be on drugs?

Today I talked to my bartender today about this very thing.

I wondered why people expend so much passion for their sports teams instead of things like the landing of a robot on a comet or medical breakthroughs.

One-third of Argentina's population lives in poverty, the government said on Wednesday in the first official poverty data published in three years.

Underscoring the difficulty of reaching President Mauricio Macri's stated "zero poverty" goal.
You think?

How would you title this clip?

Is your refrigerator running?
If it were actually running, I would vote for it.

Number One reason not to build the wall...

This is me when I leave the toilet seat up after a big fight with my wife and hear her curse from the bathroom at 2 in the morning.

What happens next?

A. The customer gets something up his butt.
B. Ostriches appear.
C. The customer urinates right on the counter.
D. The clerk urinates on the counter.

You can respond to just about anything a persons says just by using your finger guns.

Try it. It works.

Her very first time...

People are always thinking...

Shit you don't see everyday...

You think the rifling made it spin that fast?

These guys are trying to net fish. Note that some are leaping over the net.

Then thousands maul them.

You can't imagine how many fish there were...

The gif was terrifying.
........And many days later, I got a gif to load.

As I understand it, this is an invasive carp that will eat anything and everything in a river. They have taken over whole ecosystems and are a huge concern. The best defense, believe it or not, is to declare them a delicacy and let commercial fishermen take the lead at depleting them.
I'm not certain, but I think they are headed toward the great lakes. And remember, they eat everything edible...or so I'm told.

Life is tough, kid.

Rub some dirt on it.
That's how I view young poker players in a game with me.

You can say a lot about soccer, but that it's boring is not one of them. If you think it's boring, then you don't know how the game is played.

The guy should have stood in bed...

That's terrifying. He could drown!

We've all almost done this, haven't we?

But don't their nails look nice.

Scapegoating at its finest...

How the hell did Charles Manson get like 16 people to murder for him? I couldn't even get two kids to brush their teeth.

B. Ostriches appear.

Amoeba: Dad, how was I made?
Amoeba Dad: Well son, when a man loves himself very much..."


The person with duct tape holding a cardboard window in place always has the right-of-way.


Calling bullshit on movies. Not once have I walked into a public restroom and found a gun taped to the back of the toilet.


Want to become an atheist? Just read the less popular bible verses.


Robin said...

Just my thought, but I think sports are more popular than science advances, simply because many people still have a need to belong to a tribe. Supporting your team, learning the chants, wearing the 'uniform', are all easy ways for someone to get a feeling of belonging.

Anonymous said...

FYI - I have 350 mbs and the size of this post was pushing it. I will come back to this one when I get fiber.

Scott in Texas.

Oni said...

Sports are an easy way for the average joe to feel like a winner without ever leaving his couch.

My husband says sports are another way for people not to kill themselves.

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