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Friday, October 28, 2016

FRIDAY #2867

One Of My Very Own…


Remember this young woman?

She's run afoul of the law.
Woman whose photograph as a young refugee was on the cover of National Geographic in 1985, was arrested on Wednesday in Pakistan on charges of fraudulently obtaining national identity cards. She faces up to 14 years in prison and a fine of $3,000 to $5,000.

They should put barf bags in all the voting booths this year.
Michael Lee's senior quote in 1993....

If this is true, that memes are now more popular on the internet than Jesus, I have a question.

Look at the regularity of the internet search of Jesus - blue line. What could possibly cause the periodic blips?
Best thing I've seen on the internet all minute...


Said to be a FGM-148 Javelin destroying incoming armored ISIS car bomb in Syria.

I have a young friend who asks to come to dinner a couple of times a year. I finally asked him why and he said, "Every time I think of asking a girl to marry me, I come spend an evening with you guys." My wife said, "How sweet." I but smiled.

Let's play "How Awful Can It Get"!

A. She digs the guy and gets naked.
B. He digs the girl and gets naked.
C. She gets green liquid all over her face.
D. She gets spaghetti all over her face.
E. She gets pizza all over her face.
F. His strange green liquid comes out of his nose.

800 year old stave church made entirely from wood without a single nail located in Borgund, Nord-Trondelag, Norway

I understand how joints can remain stable with the correct miters and such...

But without nails, how did they get the roof shingles to stay on that slope?

D. She gets spaghetti all over her face.

Irish Dancing shoes a year apart (those tips are fiberglass)

No clue as to who these people are, but I like them.

Toys 'R' Him?

Bottle Flipping: Level - Expert

And then there's this couple setting a record...

Son-in-law when he's waiting for his big ass dog to poo in the snow.

How clever...

I want one.

Awkwardly Bad Taxidermy

And my favorite...

Once, just once, I'd like to be able to use the word skedaddling in an everyday conversation.


Hitler rocking back and forth due to excessive meth use.

My kind of guy. You want me to attend, then I get to do it my way.

Rules for learning English: 
1: Their our know rules.

This from New York City

There's something about all the wind being forced into a relatively narrow "canyon."


What happens when you stuff a shotgun with a carrot like Bugs Bunny and then shoot it?

Who would of thunk?

Scared straight

The faceplant into the glass was a nice touch.

Something you don't see everyday...

Two apex predators.
And the same (more or less) design was so effective since the age of dinosaurs, that it only needed tweaking according to food sources...

Indian Gharial about to become extinct.

My guess is that it doesn't eat six foot sharks.

I read that over 90% of wild animals die before their first birthday. Even scary predators rarely make it to adulthood. Saltwater crocodiles, the largest crocs in the world? >1% Cheetahs, a huge badass that can run like the wind at the first hint of danger? 5%. There's a reason that animals tend to have so many babies: because almost all of them are going to die very young.

Got a young child? Show them this.

I stopped trying to be a thug when I found out there was something called a hot fudge sundae with walnuts.


A lot of people ask me "Why do you lie about the high number of people asking you things?"


Female Kicker Saves Touchdown.

The other football...

If a gorilla stole my girlfriend and started throwing barrels at me from a construction site, the last guy I'm gonna call for help is a plumber.


Logic. Who needs it?

And that one statement explains most denomination loyalty.

And I respect their belief exactly like I respect Christians. I laugh.

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Robin said...

An omniscient, (all-knowing), God would know that Adam and Eve were going to eat the fruit, regardless of being instructed not to, (which incidentally doesn't require them to know it is wrong - that logic is actually faulty).

So, God could have: not put them by the fruit; or created them without the desire to eat the fruit; or not created the serpent. Whichever way this story is looked at, God knew that the fruit would be eaten,and acting all surprised and angry about it afterwards doesn't really wash.

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