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Thursday, October 27, 2016


One Of My Very Own…


When I was in Germany, lying in bed with Anna Maria; ready to leave Europe in a few days, we listened to this song over and over and over again.

And we had planned to marry, and I was leaving on a jet plane, and...I hated to go. But by then there was a warrant out for me, and we both thought it was the wisest thing to do. By the way, did you know that 18 is NOT the age of consent in all countries? I didn't either.

Not a spoiler:

New York Times devotes a 2-page spread to "The 281 People, Places and Things Donald Trump Has Insulted on Twitter"

From a viewer who knows about such things:
On your blog you recently posted, you included a picture of a complete round rainbow beneath some skydivers. There is a phenomena which I have experienced many times when flying an aircraft above the clouds. The water vapor in the clouds creates the conditions for a rainbow. But the angle has to be right to see it. In this case, the round rainbow (I was told it is called the ring of glory) surrounds the shadow of the airplane. In fact, your seat is the exact center of the ring! I proved this to myself one time by viewing it from several windows on a plane.

"The Roman Catholic Church has banned the scattering of ashes of the dead, insisting that, in some circumstances, those who request it for themselves should even be denied a “Christian funeral”.
Strict new Vatican guidelines forbid a list of increasingly popular means of commemorating loved ones - from scattering ashes at sea to having them turned into jewelery or put in a locket – dismissing them as New Age practices and “pantheism”."
Cause the Pope knows what god wants.
My Cubs got beat like a one legged step child.

And today I had Man United over Man City and won enough for my entire bar tab. It's a good week.

Is gangbang one word or two? I want to get it right when I update my bio for my fake Christian Mingle account.


I didn't know this.

How come I didn't know that?

Think about the young people who just turned old enough to vote and it's Clinton or Trump. And they think this shit is normal!


Nice image, but do you notice anything odd?
The cat drags the same foot almost every time. I hate it when that happens.
But the used condom on the left is a nice touch.

I have posted this picture before and it really got to me.

A father looking at the severed foot and hand of a child for not reaching production quota.
So I did a little research.

We all know there is rampant racism in the world, not just America.

But Americans are just so good at it.

But, bless his heart, you can't blame it all on white people.

White people don't make black kids to drop out of high school and/or not go to college. White people to not force black young men to murder each other.
We have come a long, long way just in my lifetime.

This is not so much a black/white problem as a they/us problem. Every group seems to have an inborn need to feel superior to some group. I've seen it in schools, the military, and even among disabled people.

And don't think you can fall back on the old argument that other peoples do or did horrendous things. That is no guide for our behavior. We, Americans, are better than that...or so we tell ourselves.
As I've told you before, I hang out with a lot of young people and none of them would bat an eye at this...

Or if two of them were guys.
But I refuse to not joke about subjects for fear I might offend you.

The joke is SUPPOSED to offend, you idiot.

There really wasn't a used condom in the photograph...just fucking with you.


But why the rocks? I would think it would just be a mold collector.

Anybody know anything about a Gravity Battery?

I'm thinking if you were near a huge lake or the ocean, you could fill the things with water at the top, thus causing gravity to make it go down. Then at the bottom it empties and is pulled to the surface by the heavier water filled units. I know that's not it, but it's a cool idea to think about.

This person was texting.

Please don't be the person so smug as to think distracted driving doesn't effect you. It does.

I understand everything about the why's and need for speed.

But why wouldn't they have three-point seat belts?

70 years old, finally shit my pants.


It was a spur of the moment type of thing.

There is such a thing as "Florida Man" and you can find thousands of references.


Ship graveyard

Mallows Bay, a small bay on the Maryland side of the Potomac River, is the location of what is regarded as the largest shipwreck fleet in the Western Hemisphere and is described as a ship graveyard.

Real-Time Lightning Map site

So, turns out 100 billion paper rolls would absorb the entire output of Niagara Falls for about 7 days straight.

There are two kinds of women in the world.
Women who look like her and women who hate women who look like her.

Remember little girl, Newt, in the movie Alien? This is her today.

At least she has had enough to eat.

I have no idea how this works, but it still looks fun.

Controlling a 45 like this is miraculous.

US special forces Afghanistan.

One of the baddest warriors to ever walk the earth.

Man uses magic to gather dangernoodles.

Of course it was reversed. Here's the original...

This is what happens when you break your femur.

Did you notice all the names are guys?

Skydiver gets hung-up on landing gear.

Nobody panicked. Problem solved.

"Well, that's your opinion, and opinions are like assholes - fuck 'em.



Larry said...

A vacuum was created in the plastic tube after the end was sealed. When the foil was pierced the incoming air pressure/atmospheric pressure drove the ping pong ball into the cans still in the vacuum an the opposite end. Where did you find this awesome display?

Ralph Henry said...

Sorry, I can't remember.

Anonymous said...

I spent over a minute looking for that stupid condom...

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