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Tuesday, October 4, 2016


One Of My Very Own…


Here's a fun Persian one about dancing (I think these guys are banned in Iran):
Eendo - "Boro Vasat" "ایندو - "برو وسط


How clever.

I haven't seen a men's activist who didn't look like he was late for a magic show.

The top of a thunderstorm in the troposphere.

Thank you, Hubble.

And within reason, we are the first humans to see such a thing. Breathtaking.


You know what would be interesting?

If those young women were arrested for showing their ass while standing in front of a much treasured painting of women showing their ass. How could one be cherished, and the other be condemned? I would like to be on that jury.


This was listed under the heading of "Great Gifts."

Can you imagine getting that gift wrapped?

Notice the reaction time.

I would have been three blocks away by the time the guy in the white shirt in the middle got to the exit.



Darwin's bark spider's web is the strongest biological material ever studied. It is over 10 times tougher than kevlar.

Did you know they could spit that stuff that far? I didn't.

A monkey was tied up when he wouldn't stop throwing feces at zoo employees. Three of the employees were rushed to the hospital with turd debris burns.

The look on this dog's face...

I feel your pain...

Blue Balls: aka testicular trauma.

I always pull for the bull.

Snowshoe Hare in an avalanche - will be rather hard to see on a cell phone...center of frame...


Finally got this gif to load...

That will be set afire.

How they used to make square beams.

Did you notice the notches he cut first?

Driftwood Sculptures By Debra Bernier

Viking Burial Grounds near Lindholm, Denmark

No name on its creator...

He filled in the voids with wood glue and sawdust.

Building a 13th-Century-style Chateau de Guedelon near Treigny in the Burgundy region of France.

Laborers use handmade tools to work on stones.

The toolmaker.

This is how they lift the stones.

Laborer using handmade tools.

A finished ceiling.

Too clever not to post...

I have heard stories about this very thing...

My advice is that if you want to sleep it off in your car before driving home, then hide your keys OUTSIDE of the vehicle.

There is a unique beauty to a lever-action rifle.

It's one of the few gun types I've never owned.

My friend buys reverse osmosis filtered alkaline water for her dog and he prefers to drink out of the toilet.


A short visual guide to the female orgasm.

You gotta love this macho motherfucker.

You never really realize how messed up your family is, until you start describing them to people that don't know them. 


I've never heard the term "actively dying" before. How strange it is. Aren't we all actively dying, in a way?


Vegan Trigger Warning ⚠

It is relatively easy to disprove the existence of the paranormal nowadays. But when someone...anyone, says that their uncle used to make the water turn into wine, their really is no way to prove them wrong.


What a guy. Seriously, a true hero of the world. I will never forget him. An example for us all.


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Robin said...

I think any intelligent person can benefit from reading Carl Sagan's 'Demon Haunted World'. It's a sort of mental toolkit for thinking clearly.

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