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Monday, October 17, 2016

MONDAY #2854

One Of My Very Own…




I love the guy, but he stepped in front of some very talented people.
This from The Atlantic...

I think I may have figured out why I have more French than US viewers.

Any of you French viewers want to confirm that?
So, has anybody hear of this shit?

Just something else to worry about. I'm rather fond of my flesh....all of it.

Just got back from North Carolina to have my work professionally photographed for an art show next summer. I stayed with one of my best friends and he's half my age. Couldn't smoke in the house, which is cool, so we hung out on the porch with a grand view. I had to wear a heavy coat because it was cold. Every mile nearer to Columbia on the drive back, the hotter it got.
I was lucky indeed to have met such a sincere, talented young man.
It was a trip I shall never forget.
I had my first Skype meeting with my grandson. It was a great experience. I don't know who invented that, but I feel I should send him/her some money.

Picture someone chasing down a ping pong ball that fell on the floor.
Ok, that's how my wife dances.

This is what happens when you hire an architect...

Wow! Contractors don't come up with those colors and that pattern.


That woman's parents named their baby daughter Nazi. Words escape me.

Stunt work and filming...

I bet they get paid a lot.


It is your live, fellow Americans. Take back who is in charge of it. Fuck the government. When I'm done, I'm done. How did the government get involved in the most intimate decision anyway? I lay this mess squarely at the feet of Christians and/or Jews whose holy books tell them suicide is evil. Evil? Think about that. It's okay just to starve terminal patients to death...honest. But to end it a week or two sooner is illegal. Shameful.

The First Encyclopedia By A Woman Contains The First Image Of A Pretzel

Bless her heart.

People who know guns.
How Americans do it...

This isn't just your average American. This is advanced American.
But it is not fair. The disc slowed down so he could shoot it easer.

Or not...

When Texas Meets Bollywood.


So, why wouldn't we just carpet bomb forest fires with a million of those? Seriously.

Someone programmed Pornhub on the refrigerator at Home Depot.

Pornhub: America's largest do-it-yourself website.

First note that both of them are pulling as hard as they can. Then notice the two or three little coils of rope in the woman's grip...

Much later the woman as lots and lots of rope...

And out of that tiny ass little hole, they pulled a young woman...

Clutching two puppies...

I will have nightmares for a week.

And if you think rescuing puppies is cool let me remind you of the White Helmets in Aleppo...

Citizens of the world, indeed.

On a related note...

Okay, I get it that he likes cats. But there are buried human children just blocks away. I suggest he reassess his priorities.

Now let's get silly with headlines and some faces to match them...

(no photo...unfortunately)


You got to figure his eyebrows and lashes are gone. If I were on the burned guy's jury, I would find him not guilty of murder.

If I owned one of those...that would be me...

I am absolutely sure of it.

But even highly trained people do stupid shit.
You would think that as soon as someone starts filming, it's time to NOT take any risks...

Can you deduce what happened here?

Some guy electrocuted his Trump sign.

And my all time favorite...

That took balls.
But seriously, he can't reproduce. The gene pool is already stronger.

Life hack for poor people...

I bet that would work. But if you are really poor, you borrow a phone, order a pizza, then a couple of hours later call up and ask that question.

I have opined in the past about how some people can not comprehend art made with anything but brushes.

(Pablo Picasso, 1957)

But there are other options.


I used a squeegee on a stick.
I have also moved paint around a canvas with all the other methods. Distorting the canvas and pour down the "mountains" and letting it run through the "valleys" was my all time favorite. I liked to say I used gravity as an art tool.


Don't fear the Carolina Reaper. But you should absolutely approach its scorching scythe of flavor with extreme caution. The wacky tortilla gourmets will start selling Carolina Reaper Madness chips online and at select stores nationwide.

Can we assume these numbers are based on worldwide longevity?

Kind of send a chill up your spine when you are 70, like me.


Do bisexuals experience sexual attraction twice a year or once every two years?


Hell, my wife can't even balance her checkbook.


A new desalination project planned for California, dubbed The Pipe, made a splash this summer with its promise of providing 1.5 billion gallons of clean drinking water for the drought-stricken state. The solar-powered plant relies on electromagnetic desalination methods to turn seawater into clean water, filters the salty byproduct through thermal baths, and then flushes it back into the Pacific Ocean. The Pipe is also getting attention for its eye appeal, as it was designed to look more like a giant glittering sculpture than a piece of industrial equipment.

Here's the whole article and well worth the read:
A repost I never will get tired of...

Remember boys, dick size doesn't matter when you don't have sex.


Not sure I know exactly what this means, but it sound rather deep...

Now please try to read this. I just want you to know the logic that is brought to an argument...

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