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Sunday, October 16, 2016

SUNDAY #2853

One Of My Very Own…



Unless you're planning to lay there shirtless in an open casket, there really is no point to killing yourself with diet and exercise.

Let play Name That Caption!

Mr. Larson added a caption to the bottom of that cartoon. For 50 points, Name That Caption!
Hint: Study it carefully.

The Brown Dog Affair
In a secluded spot near the Old English Garden, in London’s Battersea Park, is a small bronze statue of a terrier. The statue was erected in 1985, but the one that it replaced —the original statue— was the subject of much political and scientific contention, resulting in riots and demonstrations that raged for seven years and divided the entire nation.

The controversy began in December 1902, when an anonymous brown dog was subjected, over the course of several months, to repeated live surgeries in a laboratory of University College London. The dog was cut open, allegedly without anesthesia, and his pancreas removed, and for the next two months, confined to a cage where it howled and whined upsetting several staff of the college.

Larson's caption:

The TSA Confiscated Some Truly Ridiculous Shit This Summer

They allowed this...

A prop from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie. He was brought through a checkpoint at the Atlanta International Airport, where as you can see, he was screened and sent on his way.

Car pulls over for police, What Happens Next?

A. The man gets out and falls flat on his face.
B. He gets out and his car drives off.
C. Cop runs into the back of the car.
D. A wild creature gets punched right in the face.

A young friend turned me on to Comedy Channel's Drunk History. The first I watched was...

They take two people who seem to know what they are talking about and get them drunk.

They slur their way through actual events with "actors" acting along with their "script."

They do this in the women's voices as they are recorded on the couch, and even type in the mispronunciations...see above.


D. A deer gets punched right in the face.

This makes my dick hurt.

The Age of Narcissism has formally arrived.

Noting that not only did you see her, but so did your phone.
And I am confident this would happen...

I noticed that Sabrina the Teenage Witch featured this balding man as a high school student.

Drink responsibly? Responsibility is why I drink.


Most of what's wrong with America can be laid directly at the feet of biased journalism.

That just about every newspaper in America carry this non-sense tells you volumes about what they think of the public's intelligence.

Things have changed so much...

I've been planning to write about this for a while and this just reminded me.

When I was in high school they separated students into two groups: Those who tested well and those who didn't. The Good Testers were put in college prep classes and the others got to choose a trade. They could opt for such trades as carpenter, electrician, plumber, brick layer, etc. Needless to say, the tradesmen were hired before graduating from high school.
In some towns where there were huge manufacturing plants, the company not only sent instructors to the high school, but built facilities and stock it with the machinery future employees would operate. These towns boasted near 100% employment. A young person could earn enough to buy a house and support a young family on the wages they earned.
Well, that is a thing of the past. Not only is vocational education almost non-existent, the "Tech Schools" that were supposed to fill the gap morphed into a mini-college that dooms most bad testers. To become, say, a diesel mechanic, the student is required to take history, english, math, etc. Oh, I know it sound good to advertise the well-rounded students who graduate, but what about the really poor testers who never stood a chance.


There used to be many films and such that showed skyscrapers being built using rivets.

They had a portable kiln of a thing up there...

And one guy would throw the rivet to another guy who caught it in a bucket or even a thick leather glove.

Robot opening a door like a cat

It can even climb a chain-linked fence.

A very brave kid in Singapore is being sent to jail for posting things his government doesn't like. He posted this...

This is the Koran.

Here's a sample of his blog:
"Child-fucking allah would be very displeased."
"Eh. police force and government cunts(Especially you lee hsien loong, fuck you and your dead father), if you want to fuck me in the ass, push that nigger’s dick all the way, this is not at all exploiting the ego of the government to never admit they fucked up from investigating me..."

"Child-fucking allah" (uncapitalized) is a pretty heavy frontal attack!
And here's his blog address:

I read that, oddly enough, Singapore is one of leading destinations for Americans to live out their retirement money. Go figure.

And this seemed appropriate here...

What if instead of moaning when you orgasm you yodeled?


So they just sue him for all of his money?


I know guys who will jerk off to that even after realizing it was her leg.

Are you guys up north ready for this shit?

You can't imagine how much more a year you would have to pay me to put up with that every single winter.

The Floor Is Lava Difficulty: Expert

Hell, I don't think he was finished yet. That is impressive.

What if nipples changed colors depending of her mood?

Soap on a nope rope.

Was it jealous or what?

Now this is one well-trained dog...

Pheasant mating dance

That is the bird kingdom's equivalent of owning a Porsche...and, you know, having an actual job.

How to dead an Octopus.

Jesus Fucking Christ, Dude, how many places did you have to bite one of those before you learned that was the sweet spot? Point Two: Wouldn't a pair of pliers work just as well?

When somebody tells me they can't vote for Hilary because she's a crook, then adds that Trump was sent by divine intervention.

The power of tornado suction

Still looking for the image of a tornado that sucked the asphalt right off the highway.

Wife told me that if I get to refer to the Packers football team as "we," then she definitely get to refer to the cast of GoT as "we."


If you sucked your own dick would it feel like sucking a dick or having your dick sucked?

Granddad giving his grandson his first pupy.

I'm a sucker for such images. I also like to recommend products I think a child can learn from. To wit: Lego pieces as electrical circuits

Saw a very interesting movie, historywise:
The Liberator - The story of Simon Bolivar
I recommend it.

Remember "The End of the World?" very short clip? It still makes me smile.

Here's the link if you want to take another peek. It's very short and fits my humor perfectly:

God: Basically you just chill.
Cow: Nice.
God: I mean, at first.
God: Then people murder you to eat your insides & wear your skin as a coat.


Very interesting study. Here's the link:

And that's the answer to the fading of religion. More and more people learn that there ain't no devil under the ground. They know the stories in the holy books are just that....laughably naive stories made up by people who had no notion of plot holes.

I know you a fed up with everyone blaming the cops and all, but this one has a twist. Changing the subject, they were just ordered to release the bodycam footage from a police shooting in 2015.

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Ninja Grrrl said...

What is the twist in the story of cops killing a child on accident while intent on murdering his father? Even if they do time, the kid is still dead, and the only armor that stops cops bullets is that special armor of money.

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