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Tuesday, October 18, 2016


One Of My Very Own…


For my European viewers...


But remember, this is the fastest growing religion in America. In 2016. If people are gullible enough to believe in something like this, Clinton and Trump start making a little more sense.

Here is an accurate depiction of the most devout followers of each party.

This whole process is beginning to sicken me.
I had no idea what a nightmare Obamacare is for young people until I heard, in detail, what they had been through. You can't imagine what a clusterfuck it is. I recall all of the people who voted for it admitting that none of them had read the 5000 page bill and had no idea what was in it. Well, if is impossibly complex and didn't solve many of the problems it was touted to overcome...indeed, it created MORE problems. It is both Kafkaesque and a Catch 22 nightmare.
Friend of my wive moved to Washington State. He hates it. Says there are more bigoted rednecks there than in South Carolina.

I think it's telling that there are so many songs about love and only one where someone welcomes someone else to a jungle.


I own one of those. And "Judging" by its appearance it will break your wrist.

Usain Bolt at Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany.

She's just trying to determine if he's the fastest man in the world in every aspect of his life.

The New Renault Trezor!

This is not an old car. It's a new car with custom bodywork, built and sold in England. They are fully road legal and are inspired by a Bentley Speed Six

It comes with a tool box, as if you would try to fix it yourself...Hahahabananahaha!

And this is the interior...or one of them.

Speaking of motor vehicles...

A wine tasting? Where people SPIT OUT precious wine?! Sure, maybe we could go to the humane society and watch them put puppies to sleep too.

This is not mine, but worth the read...

And, please, don't get mad at someone pointing out facts.


A comment read: "That Banksy is really starting to just phone it in."
But seriously, did the original look to you like a healthy activity for a grown man. Seriously?
And if not, is it really wise to leave the decoration of our cities in the hands of children?

A ceiling somewhere I will never go...click to embiggenize...

I've never seen a pregnant goth.


Don't laugh. After my wife's father died, she had to find a fax machine to send shit to the government. Do you realize how hard that is?
So while the government is using fax machines, young people are using these...

Probably a spinoff from explosive sniffing technology...

Again I would like to thank all those people who spend all those photoshop hours just to amuse strangers

Speaking of technology AND old men, this was captioned "Faceswap Mishap."

Then I scrolled down...

Grandson surprises his Granddad with an unexpected visit.

I can relate.

After the first one fell in the hole why did his brothers keep following him?
Seriously, do you think he's blind? If so, that demonstrates why they really need those canes.

This guy has it all figured out...

There's a dating website for people who believe the government is run by lizard people.


When those cheap gif photo-type images you can hang on your wall come out, I want something like that hung right beside my bed.

Life Lesson: You eat them or they eat you.

And coming out of hibernation it must be starving.

I want a taser that only works on people who say "It is what it is."


In all probability, someone's grandmother has died in an Arby's bathroom stall.


Get it? No Rights.

I owned one of these, only mine was so powerful that it would blow plaster off of brick walls.

I posted that because that guy is wearing flip-flops; a very bad idea when using such a machine.

All things dollar bill...

As I understand it, she's a stripper and that's her weekly take...but I may have been lied to.


And then there's this guy...

I am so thrilled that I got turned on to soccer. I enjoy it almost as much as the NFL.

A Dragon Skull art installation on a beach in Dorset England

How wonderful.

Static electricity

"The fuck are you lookin' at?!"

This dude on a skateboard is passing cars on a highway!

And we wonder why women live longer than men.

And if we don't have the money or wherewithal to put our lives in actual peril, we fake it by doing this...

What's up with that? It's sort of like drinking until you black out and later say you had a good time. How do you even know that?

Repost of one of my favorite photos...

Not to brag, but my antics at work resulted in several items being added to the employee manual.


Things That Concern Me
I've spent ample hours thinking about all those Jews who watched Moses break the tablets that god himself had carved and not one of them thought to collect the bits that littered the ground...no one person. Then I thought about the Virgin Mary. Initially I wondered if she enjoyed it when god inserted the little magic bits in her lady bits. I think she did, but I'm not a woman. Then I thought about all those people in attendance at the birth of a god-child and not one of them thought to save the placenta. I would have. Or when the child Jesus started shedding baby teeth and not one person thought to mount it in a ring or something. Or his foreskin. Or his fingernail clippings. For that matter, after he performed his first miracles, his holy shit would have been an extraordinary souvenir. Or that first sock or whatever they used to jack off in when he was a teenager. And none of those people drinking holy-made wine saved those jugs and such. Does that make sense to anybody?

God: The Rapture is here, time to fulfill the Covenant. Where is the Ark of the Covenant?
Human: We, ah, lost it.
God: Oh, my.

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Senph42 said...

You mentioned a few times you would like a way to hang animated gif's; have you considered digital photo frames? They come in various size, features, functions and according prices... Might worth a look ;)

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