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Wednesday, October 5, 2016


One Of My Very Own…


Uncertainty in Colombia after FARC peace deal rejected by voters.

Ahead of Sunday's referendum on the government's peace deal with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), a representative of the "yes" campaign had said there was no alternative for ending 52 years of armed conflict that have claimed about 220,000 lives. Now Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos needs a plan B. The deal, finalized in June after four years of tortuous negotiations in Havana, was rejected by a tiny margin in a referendum on Sunday: Just over 50.2 percent of voters said "no," while just under 49.8 percent said "yes."

And this is the latest hurricane news - South Carolina governor has closed down all schools in the middle of the state and ordered a mandatory evacuation of of the coast. All lanes of every major road is being utilized for outgoing traffic.
I couldn't understand why the schools in the middle of the state were being closed, then learned that all the schools were to be used as shelters for all those folks fleeing the storm. They are closed on Wednesday, ahead of the storm, to give them time to bring in cots, portable kitchens, etc. to accommodate our guests.
I admire such leadership even if it proves unnecessary. 

Note frog.

Trump's next wife hasn't been born yet.
The Kardashians are at it again...

This has always been a Kardashian-free blog, but I feel compelled to tell you that that jewelry heist story is seriously flawed.

I learn through denial and error.

You know how I love odd headlines...

“Everybody is speculating that this is going to be a part of some type of art installation,” said one of the victims.

That's illegal?! Holy shit!


Just one more reason to be cremated.


Growing a beard doesn't make you a man. Vaginas can grow hair also.

Exiting a tunnel going 300 km/h

Disturbing Crash Test Footage Shows Why You Should Strap Down Luggage in Your Car

What the hell do you strap it to?

Ladies and gentlemen, Paris Island.

 I like to eat spaghetti with my hands so people don't even have to ask how I'm doing.


No weirdos.

Things that fly.

SAAB Gripen XXXL 1:2 Scale Model Turbine Jet

Well, damn.




How not to get away from hungry hyenas...

Statue in the center of Stalingrad after Nazi air strikes, 1942

The devastation of the Battle of Stalingrad by juxtaposing a pastoral scene of children dancing around a playful crocodile and the city’s bombed-out, burning buildings in the background. On the day the photograph was taken, about 40,000 civilians lost their lives to Nazi air strikes. Combined military and civilian casualties - 2 million.

Mountain finder device in Switzerland.

You see a room with an awesome view...

I see the flash flood potential.

Guns and Such
Guess the country.

No, not Texas, but it starts with an R and rhymes with usha.

Now this is probably in Texas...

Did you notice he first threw the target?


That prop looks like something out of an Indiana Jones movie.


Had we been born elsewhere:

The oldest active licensed Pub in England, which was founded 1223 years ago

Philippines School Bans Dating To Stop Teen Pregnancies

(Yeah That’ll Work)



Said to be time lapse of bacteria.

I'm more inclined to think fungus or mold.

Fuck this one tree in particular...


Teeth on Ovary that showed up in an XRay. Come to find out, it's not even all that rare.
If This Robot Spinning a Serbian Artist.

Here's what that reminds me of...

What or how you make art is none of anyone's business, but result of such ventures must be judged with the same criteria as all others.

Maker's Mark isn't the best whiskey, but damned if the wax isn't a cool effect.
I read that machines can't be taught to do that with the desired effect. Oh, sure a robot could do it so they are all identical...but they don't want them all identical.

Drilling a curved hole.

This is a watermelon coated with some miracle substance.

And here's an egg with the same stuff.

Why don't we paint our cars with that shit?

 If you're not carrying around matchbooks from places you've been recently I don't know why you don't want your murder to be solved.



simon beer said...

The "bacteria" are Slime Molds, fascinating single cell organisms that can live independently or, when conditions are right, come together to form differentiated structures. The are much studied by cell biologists for this reason. Their other trick is forming networks which can imitate communications systems (railways, roads etc). Worth looking up on YouTube (search: Slime Mold maps).

Great blog Ralph

JimReed said...

Ok…Spoon Tour 2013 GPS map tour has a dismal 1200 views. Perhaps you should tag across Europe, or Asia, to get our Russian friends interested. Perhaps we could start a tourist scavenger hunt renaissance!

I found the exact location of 2 tags within an hour 1/2 drive from my hotel. 1 installation was still intact; the other was found as an after-installation impression! I curious how many installations are still out there! I challenge someone to do better!

Winner gets free access to Folio Olio blog for life!?!


Ralph Henry said...

I could throw in some gold bars.

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