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Wednesday, November 16, 2016


One Of My Very Own…


Look, my grandson has the same hair style that I have...

Before you get too excited...

Another strange image from NZ earthquake...

ISIS suicide car intercepted by french special forces.

Pompeians: Mannequin challenge champions since 79 AD

This is one brave sumbitch...

I told my wife of a dream I had and she wanted it included in a Folio Olio post; therefore here it is.
I often have recurring dreams that rouse me awake, then when I go back to sleep, I pick the same dream up at the exact plot spot at which I left. The other night I woke up at 12:15, looked at the large display clock next to my bed. Then I went to sleep and awoke again at 1:16, and marveled that it was almost an hour. The again at 2:14...then 3:14...the 4:14. This kept going for hours until 9:14, then I really woke up at 7:46 and realized that all those other awakenings and clock readings were but one recurring dream.

You know what really gets my goat? El Chupacabra.


I have been a maker of things all my life. There is nothing like backing up from a project and thinking, 'I did that.' The person who dug this hole felt the same thing as I do when I construct a sculpture or a painting.

And that's a good thing.
I wonder about people who are, say, receptionists or some such work; do they have the opportunity to step back and say 'I did that?' If so, it must be hard.

There are so many people cautioning you against taking risks...

But then there are the most unsuspecting people who dare to do things extraordinary.

U.S. soldier Alvin York with his mother Mary York, c. 1919. Sergeant York, was one of the most decorated American soldiers in World War I. He lead an attack on a German machine gun nest, taking 32 machine guns, killing 28 German soldiers, and He and his seven men capturing 132 others. He was born and died in Tennessee.


El Chupacabra and goat he got.

Caproni Ca.60

How many wings can we fit on this thing? The Ca.60 was a flying boat that served as a prototype for a 100-passenger trans-atlantic plane. It had 8 engines, 9 wings, and flew once, to an altitude of 60 feet. It promptly crashed into the water (fortunately, the pilot survived).

Dutch designers created a unique concept, called Vertical Walking.


As I have mentioned prior, my wife has such thing stuck in trees and bushes all over our yard. I enjoy them.


In August 2016 researchers found what appear to be fossiliZed microbes dating back 3.7 billion years.

The Earth itself is not much older, having formed 4.5 billion years ago.


Yeah, well America has 365.

So you checked out your family tree...

I have never understood how your standing in the community or your own self worth can be increased or decreased by what you ancestor's did or didn't do. They simply have no baring on me whatsoever.

And they documented this on film...

To be clear, if they are civilians then that is a war crime.

But if they were enemy troops dressed as civilians, then it's perfectly legal.

I am rather proud that there were very few war crimes committed against the millions of prisoners we took.

But with front line troops all bets were off. If you were commanding a unit of 12 men and came upon one of the enemy who wanted to surrender, you shot him on the spot. You could not afford to lessen your unit's firepower by two soldiers to escort one single prisoner to the rear.

Ladies and gentlemen, the glazed donut.

Just another reason to live in the South. You can't throw a dead cat down here without hitting a donut shop.

Reason #2: Milk Bread Rolls

We've all seen images like this...

But here are a couple of images concerning the same topic that I had never seen before...

Y'all help me out. I thought it was mere size that made me think this magnificent specimen's death is to be pitied, but it may be the time it took to get that large. Same for whales...the size or the time it took to get that large? And with time the countless perils they have overcome to survive.


There are hundreds of these online that purport to be drawings. I don't buy it.

I think they just photographed the setting, printed it out and after trimming, rephotographed it at the same angle.


Woman wins $43 million on a slot machine, receives steak dinner instead of cash jackpot.

Katrina Bookman was excited when her slot machine hit the jackpot: $42,949,672.76. Resorts World Casino in New York was happy to take her money while she was putting it into the machine, but weren't as happy about giving her the prize. They told her the machine was broken.


This glorious bastard convinced a nation we were being invaded by aliens.

The reports of mass suicides were greatly exaggerated, with only one documented and that guy had tried it before. But there WERE many people who believed it. How could otherwise sane people jump to such conclusions?

Well, how about us Americans not wanting to join the metric system?

Or, despite vast amounts of evidence to the contrary, still think marijuana is "evil"?

The above is the title of an article I read about how marijuana gets many people OFF drugs...and powerful drugs and with no side effects whatsoever, unless you count giggling.

But then (as I assume you suspected) that brings us to religion.
People ask me how religion could be false if so many people believe in it. The examples are numerous, but let's just look at one.
This patch is now back on sale by the few survivors of Heaven's Gate.

I thought the wording very clever. The only pair of their Nike Decades currently on offer has a $6,600 asking price.
But in case you forgot, this complete lunatic...

He talked a whole bunch of people to kill themselves.

I won't bore you with the delusional details of their beliefs, but I can understand how a whole bunch of bronze age people being persecuted by the Romans to fall for the whole live forever in the sky escapism.
But you can say a lot about those people of yore, but logical is not one of them. For instance...

Not one of them asked, "So god made everything. And god is all powerful. So god made Satan. So if he's not partners with Satan, why doesn't he just wish him away?"

A repost of a page in a children's book.

Let's all take a minute to give our respects to the only website that adds a cool sound effect before the video begins for all the people who forgot to turn down the Volume. Pornhub.


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