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Wednesday, November 30, 2016


One Of My Very Own...

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Fuck this guy...

Don't buy drinks from children on the side of the road. The money never really goes to aid for lemons.

On the image sites I visit there is a plethora of "deep thoughts."

Some of them I agree with, even though or maybe because they are obvious...

But every so often I run into one that makes me think...

I'm of the old school. I've painted hundreds of murals and I've always gotten permission of the building owner. I also have the decency to ask the community what statement they would like to make using my artwork. Most were banal crap, but I did manage to make statements worth making. Maybe some of you clandestine taggers ought to try that.

But many (most?) of the stuff I read are beyond my understanding. Although provocative, I really don't know if they are factual or not.

These type comments are usually reserved for the little guy trying to stick it to the big guys...

I actually kind of believe that. Everybody has an agenda.

Here's another example of that...

If I ever post something you deem suspect, please do your own research...and let me know. I mean no harm.

I regret that I A) Don't have time to research everything I post and try to get my stuff from reputable sites, and B) Don't really know how to sift through all the data on the internet.


In my opinion, firefighters ought to be some of the best paid professionals.

A burning truck loaded with some bad shit. Who you gonna call?


Please take the time to read all of this word for word...

I call that a cut without reading and paste.

Being handicapped in Cabo San Lucas is apparently an extreme sport.

Those last couple were mistakes caused by this very thing...

Building it just like it was drawn out.

This one is unique. A roof support placed where it had to go through the window.

Have you ever put a cockroach up your butt to see what would happen, then had to go to the doctor to get it out?

"I'm sorry your husband of 50 yrs is dead. Here is a casserole made with Campbells Soup."
   ~White people.

People inventing things you probably didn't know existed...

Do you think that candle's arm manages to turn and feed more candle into the burn cup?

Did you notice the lockable cage under the bed. I mean, dayum!

What happens when you are both an engineer and an artist...

At first I thought those were just well-trained baby penguins.

.357 4 Barrel Derringer

Trust me, you have to be a real man to control that.

I would like to take yet another moment to thank you people who spend your valuable time to make these...

That is a reboot of a posted items from months ago. Did you notice the severed arm on the lower right?

Me: Sometimes you need to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, enfarcorate, and move on. You know what I'm saying?
Friend: ...


You should at least try to make one of these with your children.

When your wife calls you at work to tell you Happy Anniversary.....and you forgot.

And remember, Ronald McDonald is the face of America now...

Guy's father died and in his desk were currencies from all the countries he had visited.

I had the equivalent of $50 or $100 bills from every country I visited in Europe...which were many. Some of them were huge, as their money gets larger with more value. Anyway, I had them all in my wallet in Port Authority in NY City when my wallet was stolen. Bummer, that.

Ran across this again. Thought it worth reposting.

Guy bought a house out in the country and found this used as a stepping stone on a path.

There was evidence that it, at one time, was a small part of a larger diagram.

Any of you smart motherfuckers want to try to explain what it could be?


Most rules have reasons. The shoes must be arranged like that so the walking aisle remains uncluttered.
People must follow all traffic rules, otherwise there is very dangerous chaos. This is scooter Traffic During a Morning Rush Hour in Taiwan and without rules...well, you know.

But then there are rules that exist because "that's the way we've always done it."

You do realize that what is okay today will be declared obscene tomorrow and vice versa. Some asshole just makes this shit up for their own goddamn reasons, so fuck it. A fuck you is a mere breath squeezed out of one's mouth with lips and tongue in a certain position. Think of it as the middle finger gesture. It means absolutely nothing in other cultures. And our vee/peace sign is deeply offensive elsewhere. It is all invented by mere people no more or less capable than you and I! And by people whose name we don't even know and who had an agenda unknown to us. My guess is that any lower class invention in language was condemned by the ruling class to reinforce the us/they strata.


[during sex]
My wife: This isn't working out.
ME: *putting sock puppet away* Was it something he said?

I've thought a lot about this...

Games are in our genes. It most likely aided our survival; like trying to outrun our siblings or throw a small spear more accurately would make us better hunters and defenders of the cave or whatever. But there were long stretches of downtime, and then non-survival games were invented...I am certain...just so the more powerful males didn't kill their nagging, weaker females.

Often I run into an image over and over. This is one of them.

But this time I noticed something I had missed. I once speculated that this was a still from a movie and now I know that I may be correct. A real Luger would send that bullet completely through that child's head, right at who the fuck ever is taking the photograph.


Evolution is a fact. I will not debate it with ignorant theists any more. If you deny evolution, you are willfully ignorant. You are willfully stupid. And you are a danger to this country.

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