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Saturday, December 31, 2016


One Of My Very Own...

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In my opinion, her greatest role...

Need some help? Here's a hint...

This is making the rounds on the internet. The question is, where are the missing legs?

With America's help, the UN voted to condemn Israel for building settlements on "conquered" territory.

Meanwhile, Russia "annexes" parts of The Ukraine and nobody bats an eye.

It's only because of fine folks like those women above or Russia would "own" half the damn country. They are literally fighting the bear at the door...and dying.
So why all the concern with one region while turning a blind eye to another?
Well, in my opinion it's because of religion.

There are many Christians who actually believe that Israel must exist to take part in the final battle between God and Satan. Never mind that God is "ALL POWERFUL", he could lose unless he has an earthly army to fight with him. And I'm serious about this. It's written right in the Bible.

One added thought, Israel is a democracy insomuch as they vote for government leaders. I've read that that is being threatened. Jewish couples are having one or two babies and the Arabs are having 6 or 7. It won't be too long before the Arab Israelis will be a majority. Then what happens?
Speaking of hell on earth...
Sulphur mines near Mosul, Iraq burn.

ISIS cells set mountains of sulphur on fire leaving behind a strange, beautiful, and toxic scene behind, poisoning the air and skies.
You might want to research the hell on earth they created.
Finally, the good news. This is the latest most wonderful photo of my grandson.

So now I have a new background image so I can look at it a couple of hundred times a day.

If you are too new to Folio Olio to understand why this is so extraordinary, then refer to my profile image above.

What a great time to be alive...and I mean that.

That, Gentle Reader, is my kind of humor.

Get it?


Saying goodbye to 2016...


Ninja Grrrl said...

Given the rise of orthodoxy in Israel, I would be surprised if Arab Israelis were having children at a faster pace than the Jewish populace. The entire point of the traditional Jewish family system is to have lots of children that stay safely indoctrinated in the faith.

Anonymous said...

Spoiler Alert: Fox News has a great interview with the 6 girls who explain the missing legs. Here is the link: http://insider.foxnews.com/2016/12/27/viral-photo-can-you-spot-missing-legs

Ralph Henry said...

Thank you.
For you viewers who are going to take a look, just skip to 3:00 to avoid all the endless prattle.

Anonymous said...


I have corresponded with you on rare occaison; for the most part your irreverent humor has been appreciated. This day, however, you have moved into a different sphere. It is very sad to me that you made what I feel is a very very poor choice

The abominable image in today's post showing Holocaust victims with the Twister game spinner superimposed is beyond the pale

You are so proud of your grandchild, yet you publish such an image in your blog; to what good is this? Are you perpetuating - unintentionally, I hope - the seeds of hate?

This imagery surely cannot pass the test of "dark humour" vs. hatred

Again - what imapct will this have on your grandchild when someday he discovers this awful image on grandpa's "blog" -

You state that you were an educator - and as noted above, your irreverent humor is often bumping at the edge of taste but that is the point of your efforts, of course - but an "Educator" moving this theme from out of the sewer of hate into what is often a well-done effort - unfathomable. Perhaps it is time to quit drinking

And, is this any way to enter into a New Year? Perhaps you are purging?

Thank you for your work - the vast majority of it - but today I must also say that this is just plain wrong.

JC Arizona 12/31/16

Ralph Henry said...

Thank you, Arizona, for being so sensitive. The world needs more people like you.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should rename it "THINGS YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO LOOK AT."

Ninja Grrrl said...

To JC, a question: if you don't have an issue with the "that's racist" series of pictures, why the Holocaust one? I assure you that my shocked laughter does not indicate any lack on my part. See, sometimes people laugh at things to cut them down to size. And if we can't laugh, we're pretty much fucked. I'm curious why that one image and no others inspired so much typing on your part. However, the "quit drinking" comment is where you lost me entirely. Piss off with your fucking attitude, bud.

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