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Sunday, December 18, 2016

SUNDAY #2918

One Of My Very Own...

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This is a painting by Georgia O'Keefe.

This is my wife's new tattoo.

She has a group of women who raise money for various charities, and that is represented by the WOVJJ for Wide Open Vee Jay Jays.
You gotta love that lady.

Learned today that there is evidence that the US funded protests against Putin a few years back and that this was payback.

I have asked my wife to spend some of our very limited resources to buy me one of these.

I my case that statement applies to far more than politics. Here's where to buy your own:

Ran into this:
"The date had been magic. We moved to her couch & kissed. That’s when horror struck as my eyes locked on the Duck Dynasty DVDs on her shelf."

I had a moment when a man and his wife told me that their favorite TV show was Duck Dynasty, and I lost a lot of respect for them...instantly. Am I wrong?


Hawaiian Cat Fence

It is Erected Around Mauna Loa’s lava-covered slopes which makes for some seriously forbidding landscape, but that hasn’t deterred cats, which have adapted to the Hawaiian islands just fine since arriving on explorers’ ships. So fine, in fact, that the little invasive predators are now a mortal threat to the endangered Hawaiian petrel, a seabird that breeds on Mauna Loa. Several thousand of the birds live in Hawaii, but only about 75 breeding pairs are on the Big Island.
He thinks he's done something wrong.

The term "hang dog" comes to mind.


That kind of reminds me of some of the things I've stuck my dick in.

During sex my wife screams "MAYBE! MAYBE! MAYBE!" just to keep me on my toes.


Guy Rides Bike on Thin Handrail on Top of 650-Foot High Dam. No safety rope. Windy as hell. And the damn took forever to get across.

And he mounted it by first mounting the map display and hopping on the rail that sat at a 90 degree angle.

He even hopped around a corner.

Carl Sagan's Intro to this book was quite amazing as I had follow Sagan as a child.
"I realized that I was watching an ancient ceremony: the investiture of new fellows into the Royal Society, one of the most ancient scholarly organizations on the planet. In the front row, a young man in a wheelchair was, very slowly, signing his name in a book that bore on its earliest pages the signature of Isaac Newton... Stephen Hawking was a legend even then."
~ Carl Sagan

Do you think that guy makes jokes like this:
"I told my brother that carbon had seven protons and he believed me. He was mean to me when we were kids."
Lucy Liu Does the Splits

Because she fucking can.
This Guy Has Seen Shit.

I've outsourced my exercise to a kid in India.


I ran across an article about one of my favorite foods.

Almost all the other entries were deserts. You might really want to look into this. I've even made them out of regular hot dogs and it's not bad.
No tailgating!

I'm thinking movie prop.
Teaching a robot to walk like a human.
The Florida Institute for Human & Machine Cognition (IHMC) developed a control algorithm enabling Boston Dynamics' Atlas humanoid robot to walk across a short stretch of rocky terrain. It's much harder than you might think.

After each step the robot explores the new foothold by shifting its weight around its foot. To maintain balance it combines fast, dynamics stepping with the use of angular momentum (lunging of the upper body).
The gif was great but too large to load.
Red Hot Nickel Ball and Floral Foam

Yet it doesn't penetrate. That is some weird ass shit.
Go to Physicsfun to learn where to buy one...

The flame slants and rotates in this unique Swiss design. The glass of the lamp channels the convection and three inlets in the brass base direct the inflow of air into a slow swirl. I don't think anyone really reads the description. Lovely engineering and physics of thermodynamics.

I've developed a strong sense of this.

I open my refrigerator and think what a wonderful thing to own. The same with the pens I use for my crossword puzzles. Then when I see images from Mars I think of all the work done by all those people and I feel gratitude.

What a great observation.

And so is this...

No believer can tell you with any knowledge what their hell will be like, yet they believe it exist and must be feared. Amazing.
Okay, this is forbidden...

But relatively speaking, the amount of poop dumped by these few ships is a drop in the bucket compared to the poop of all those ocean creatures.
I hate headlines like this.

Here's their evidence: Researcher were baffled after learning that 234 stars out of 2.5 million stars in a far away galaxy release a very precise signal, something that fits perfectly into previous ETI models.

I'll say it again: If you can't afford a condom you damn sure can't afford to have a baby. Am I saying poor people shouldn't fuck? Yes...unless you are completely pregnancy proof.
I am not untouched by the death of a son by the hands of a police officer.

But it is no huge mystery as to how to lessen your chances to near zero. Don't commit crimes. Don't run from the police. Do obey lawful orders.
It really is that simple.
Huge, powerful photo dump concerning rape.

I have heard women say that they should be able to go wherever they wanted, dress like they will and act anyway they want and not fear rape. Rape is solely in the hands of the rapist, but it got me thinking.
Burglary is solely in the hands of the burglar but you lock your doors at night. You lock your car and don't leave anything valuable on the seat. Taking common sense precautions doesn't mean the rapist won. It means you have a brain.
Further, if I were in prison I would not hang out in the shower. I would not walk around in my underwear. Just sayin'.


I love my comment section. I have been receiving some wonderful additions of late. I thank each and every one of you.

Veterinarian- You're here to discuss your dog's salivation?
Me - No. My dog's a good dog, he'll go to Heaven! I'm here about his slobbering.

I've been remiss with my headline posts for a while, so here's Gene Williams.

The Headline Read: Gene Williams is a Native American who is going to eat turkey on Thanksgiving Day because he said he likes turkey.

Because kids aren't plants?

According to human development experts at Harvard University there are 6 or 7 main "guideposts to raising caring, respectful, and ethical children"-
1. Teach children to control their emotions
2. Talk to them about taking responsibility for their actions
3. Teach your children to be compassionate and help the weak
4. Teach your children to be grateful
5. Instill your family values in them and show them what constitutes good behavior
6. Spend more time together
7. Be a good role model and mentor.

A perfect example of the American electorate this year...

I think we have a consensus.

People swimming at the shallow end of the gene pool shouldn't be allowed to drive.

Some people just want to be near the action.

I call these people fools.

This thing takes the place of the tire boot. It is held in place with suction and has a GPS in case you drive off with it.

Bike helmet that folds up the size of a banana.


If the Danes can do it, why can't we in the US?

A toothpick will work in tiny holes.

I don't think he really did that on a wooden table.

His roommates must be stealing bastards...

A repost of that fireman after he put out a fire in a house that was full of marijuana plants...

If someone hates you for no reason, I say give the motherfucker a reason.


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Thanks for the shout out re my tattoo but it's actually Wide Open VAH Jay Jays.

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