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Wednesday, December 7, 2016


One Of My Very Own...

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Some people will believe anything.

You think anyone who was just killing time ever succeeded and all our watches missed a beat or two and we just didn't notice?

Rain effects in the "Storm before Glory" diorama.

Nothing makes me feel more "white collar" than when I'm nodding my head at someone pointing to a line graph that I know nothing about.


Native American smoke curing a human corpse, 1910.

Freestyle Beard Competition

I wonder how long it took for him to regret this...

But at least he can grow his hair out over it.

Building codes, with a few restrictions, allow you to literally build your house out of straw; bales of straw.

But you MUST seal it completely. Any moisture and you have a mold problem from hell. But it's supposed to be excellent insolation.

ATTENTION: This is a good idea if you have a rude person in your party. Trust me.

This is true.

In the Libyan city of Sabha, a monkey pulled off a school girls' head scarf, leading men from the Suleiman tribe to retaliate by killing three people from the Gaddadfa tribe as well as the monkey. After four day of clashes, the final toll was 16 people died and 50 were wounded.

This is the story about the stoner who built a working fusion reactor so he could have an awesome looking bong!

That is not true.

Yes, there is a legal holiday built entirely on the fact that a lamp functioned longer than anticipated.

Saving the people money on the fuel bill.

When you're not shooting up Heroin what do they do with the syringe?

World record for the highest basketball shot ever broken on only the third attempt.

There is a whole mini-documentary on that:

Things that must be wonderful if you are tripping...

Sorting Algorithm

The phrase "Pain in the ass" personified...

At 17, Joan of Arc led the French to victory and my wife just looked for her phone while talking on it.

Girl is face-swapping with a special lizard app.

A. Her friend slaps her in the face.
B. Her boyfriend smacks her in the face with a pie.
C. Her dog tries to gnaw her face off.
D. An ostrich appears and frightens them.


Neighbor: How adorable! I love your ghost costume!
My 7 year old daughter: *sigh* I am not a ghost. I am sheet-faced like my dad!


I want you to imagine her husband of choice. Give it a second or two.
Now meet her husband.

Now, do you think that plain faced bastard could get a wife like that if he weren't a rich, famous NASCAR driver? I think not.

Found these first two in a blog and really liked the guy's descriptions:

Guy uses language sort of like I do.

Oh, look, a tiger and a digested antelope...

Seven horses of the Queen’s Household dead after the IRA detonated a nail bomb, 1982

Italian cavalry school, 1906

He might want to work on his "Whoa."

Moms. You gotta love moms.

Colony of eels trying to catch plankton as the current pushes them by.

That's fucking terrifying.

C. Her dog tries to gnaw her face off.

Men talk about wanting a woman who wants sex all the time until they find a woman who wants sex all the time.


She lives in someone's heart.

Westerdok District, Amsterdam, Netherlands
(click to embiggenize)
And, yes, I know it's a repost, but I really like that image.


If you're ever in Seattle, keep an eye out for these manhole covers. There are 19 of them that have a relief map of Seattle with rivets indicating "you are here".

It was an art project.

Is it time to rethink how strong any country has to be?

But keep in mind that money doesn't just go away. Every dime spent on the military go into pockets, and always, someone reaches in those pockets and buys a car, restaurant meal, or...a mural. And at each transaction a tax is paid, replenishing the treasury. And as my old friend Mel says: If you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck.

Water tunnel in Portugal

I find that terrifying. Here's a better one...

I finally found a gif of this thing to load.

You ever just look at someone and think, Shut up, even if they haven't said anything yet?



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