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Tuesday, December 6, 2016


One Of My Very Own...

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Unable to stop their phones and washing machines from exploding, Samsung announced today they're changing their name to the ACME Corp.

More Combophotos by Stephan Mcmennamy

Tilt Shift is amazing.

Have you ever been told you are doing a great job overcoming your disability and you don't have a disability?

And I wonder if anyone was fired...


We all hate that. I found a solution that worked for me a couple of times. When the speaker asked if there were any questions, I would jump to my feet and say, "You did such a wonderful job covering that topic that I'm sure none of the other teachers have any questions. Thank you." Then I just headed to the door and everyone followed me.

You have to think about this thing's hunting strategy...

Knowing that every animal must visit the watering hole, he just relaxes, expending hardly any energy and waits for one of them to drop their guard, then drags it in the water and drowns it. Then eats at his leisure.

Then there's this guy...

They can swim you know?

When I was a teenager, I would sometimes I put my dick in the popcorn behind the counter at the theater on slow nights. But in my own defense, everybody did it....except the girls.


I went to the bathroom without my phone. There are 118 floor tile and the longest word on the shampoo bottle is methylchloroisothiazelinone.


My love of the holy tamale began very early and has never waned.

I don't know what these are, but they look rather similar...

The sun has never seen a shadow.


2016 and the Vatican still needs a miracle to make someone a saint. Breaking the laws of physics one saint at a time.
But not everything you read about her is saintly. Many (most?) of her "patients" had very curable diseases that could have been cured with the proper medicines. She chose to pray for them... with devastating results.

Something to think about...

Bigotry is where Arrogance and Ignorance meet.


So what you are saying is that he has exactly the correct credentials for the job.

A true tool maker...

Would someone translate this for me...

Crazy exes are like a box of chocolate.
They'll kill your dog.


When the magnet on the end of the wire heats up to a particular temperature (the Curie point) its magnetic field is temporarily lost until it cools. The engine design uses a second magnet to pull the swinging magnet back into the heat source once the magnetic field is reestablished. Repetition of this process creates mechanical motion as long as the heat source is fueled. -PhysicsFun

God dammit! Who turned off the physics!

Koenigsegg Regera

If I could get wet, that would make me wet.

Somebody thought this was a good idea...

Like they are not hard enough to find now.

The zipline roller coaster

For when you haven't vomited in a while.

Prosthetic elf-ears with built-in earbuds

Flatware for germaphobes

This is an excellent idea...

Uses far less fuel and is supposed to burn hotter. If you try it, let me know how it works out.

We can't let this gif of terrified guy die.

I checked my wife into a rehab center for her addiction to placebos. Well, she thinks it's a rehab center. It's actually just a Motel 6.


Two highly motivated individuals:


Anonymous said...

Heroine is not deadly..........

Robin said...

Versuch = try (so the first attempt here.)
Masskruge refers to the amount of beer in a standard Bavarian mug, so the woman is carrying 18 mugs of beer.

Anonymous said...

Each mug containing 1 liter and weighing itself approx 1.3 kgs. So, she's carrying well above 40 kgs.

Robin said...

Or a little over 88lbs for our American Cousins.

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