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Tuesday, December 27, 2016


One Of My Very Own...

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Fake plastic rice—totally convincing by sight, but potentially lethal to eat—has gone from urban legend to horrifying controversy in Nigeria, where a shipment of the stuff was intercepted and is undergoing tests. Is it plastic, or just really weird rice? Somehow everything's gotten murky and confusing.
 - Nigeria's food safety agency has denied claims by the health minister that it has cleared the reported "plastic" rice.
 - A senior official at the National Agency For Food and Drugs (Nafdac) said the minister's Twitter statement "is not their position".
 - Health Minister Isaac Adewole had tweeted that tests by the agency found "no evidence" of plastic material ... [but Latgos Customs Chief] Mr Mamudu had said the rice was very sticky after it was boiled and "only God knows what would have happened" if people ate it.
 - The BBC's Martin Patience in Lagos, who felt the rice, said it looked real but had a faint chemical odour.
On December 18 during  fighting on Svitlodarsk salient no Ukrainian serviceman was captured, but 9 were killed and 35 were wounded, 17 concussed  and 11 injured.None is  missing. The one that was missing, was  found yesterday, dead. 
"Today we have two wounded," said  officer of the Armed Forces callsign Kupol (Dome).
And since December 18 Russians  try to storm Ukrainian positions 3-4 times a day.
A most beautiful song by a most beautiful woman.

Today I mentally had a fist-fight with everyone I past on sidewalk. My record was 33-10 but to be fair I walked by a school.

Educational achievement by county. The darker the region, the higher the graduation rate.

Colorado, we salute you.

170 Years of Hurricanes Mapped

I think I've posted that before, but it a very interesting map...for someone who lives near the east coast of America.

These are all purses...

Only in America, folks...only in America.

Tiffany & Co Sterling Silver Youth Set, c. 1905

So, what's up with the spoon? It looks like it is made up of two pieces. To keep from sloshing out?

Dropping a Bowling Ball and Feathers at the Same Time in the World's Largest Vacuum Chamber.

After showing your child the clip, ask him or her how you can get the feather to hit the ground at the same time as the bowling ball in the back yard. If they say by taping the feathers to the bowling ball, then I want that kid in my poker game.

Ran into a large post about Northern Ireland. To say these people are pissed off would be a huge understatement.

Here's some of the images that express their loathing of British occupation.

There was a study conducted in my home state of South Carolina that found that there were thousands and thousands of these wild pigs.

The state declared open season on these pests and several hundreds were killed...not even making a dent in the overall population. And remember, besides ruining crops and gardens, they can kill a man.


There are a whole bunch of award winning photos that were just pure luck. Oh, the photographer had to put himself in the thick of things, but to capture an image of something profound...dumb luck.

But then there are the photographers who go the extra mile.

And, of course, the ones that cheat.

I like this...

The Future Belongs To Those Who Change It.

54 million year old Gekko preserved in amber.

Have you ever worn a sock puppet to a job interview?


I actually flinched.

Can you spell Doppelgänger, boys and girls?

That is not the same person.

Shooting a bullet with a bullet.

Australia has 9 of the 10 world's deadliest snakes . You know what that means, don't you? One escaped.


I found the Belgian/Brazilian connection odd.

My wife just wants to be rich enough to be able to throw all of the pots and pans away after I cook French Toast.

The Sidewinding Circular Skates.

One of the most irritating things about getting over a broken hip was being told not to bend at the waist more than 90 degrees. That makes putting on you socks very difficult...unless you have a wife. This product is amazing.


There is a revelation in work gloves. You can bang on them with a hammer and not harm your fingers. This short demonstration is amazing.


Saw this in a movie and think I know exactly where it was taken.

In Illinois the highways are straight as an arrow and run from one end of the state to the other. It's farmland, so there aren't many gas stations. I always just pulled off the road and peed beside the truck, but in Illinois the shoulders are very narrow and there are deep ditches within a foot or two from the pavement.
You northerners ready for this?

These self driving cars are getting really advanced.

You could be this guy, who drove his family past the warning signs at Area 51 and got everyone arrested...or so they say. But I would like you to notice they didn't make it very far past the sign.

That reminds me of a friend of mine who ignored the sign not to step foot on the Savanna River Nuclear Repository. He was canoeing down the river around a bend and had to take a shit. He no sooner got his pants down before two M16s were pointed right at his face.
UPS Introduces an Environmentally Friendly Electric Trike Package Delivery Service in Portland, Oregon

Can we keep this beautiful prancing creature back to the internet where he belongs?

You can tell a lot about a person by how early their neighbors call the cops on New Year's Eve.


How exactly could you take such a statement out of context?

Excellent point, young man. Excellent point.

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