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Monday, January 2, 2017


Hi Ralph,
Thanks for you interest and support to Ukraine, this is quite touching to see. I have so much to say, but I participated in the protests and witnessed how people were killed on the streets of my hometown Kyiv, therefore my opinion might be be biased. That is why I want to share very powerful photos from the Donetsk airport by Sergei Loiko - American journalist with Russian roots. He wrote a book about the defence of the surrounded from 3 sides Donetsk airport - one of the most heroic chapter of the war.
As an insult Russians called the defenders of Donetsk airport "Cyborgs" - because they seemed to be bullet-proven (unfortunately that was not the case, as many Ukrainian families found out during the war). Despite the insults Ukrainian society and the Cyborgs themselves liked the name "Cyborgs" and this is how they are called till now.
Ukrainian solders with the biggest balls were dreaming to get to the airport just for 1 shift, and if they survived - they were called Cyborgs till the end of their lives. I guess, this unofficial title the "Cyborg" was much more respected than military titles, like colonel or smth. Since the airport was surrounded, there was one road there (they called it the road of death). When I followed the story, around every fourth attempt to pass that road (inside an armored military transporter) failed - so some people payed their lives, jut to be able to get to the airport.
In this album photos have English descriptions (I hope you can access it in facebook):


Those are the defenders of the Donetsk airport - Cyborgs with human faces (many of them are gone as heroes by now)


This next album is called the Last Journey of a Tank Driver or tank man (not sure the right word). Hi is in the ammo box on one of the photos (more precisely a part of his thigh). His body was torn apart by Russian artillery strike while he was trying to pass the road of death. Usually they didn't take away the bodies because of constant sniper and artillery fire. But in this case, the friends of the dead tank operator wanted to send his mother the remains of her son, so that she could berry him (I'm not even sure if you understand this act, but it was not a black humour joke). Without the dead body (and consequent DNA analysis) every mother would keep the hope that her son is alive.


So this is what we have in Ukraine. Of course this image is far from being complete. I think it is important to know the history of Kyiv and Moscov to understand the problem better.


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