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Thursday, January 19, 2017


One Of My Very Own...


Twist and Shout

Commencement Speech by David Foster Wallace: 30 minutes, but well worth it.

Wife: Did you take out the trash?
Me: Yes.
Wife: Did you take out the trash TODAY?
Damn. She knows about that loophole.

The most powerful photograph taken in 2016...
Omran Daqneesh of Aleppo captured the world's attention.


Suggestions included:
- Time Warner customer service
- Call the guy with the gun. If he answers the phone make your getaway.
- My weed guy
- The VA
- His office phone
- 911

- But, of course, he could just call himself.
I've had students look at me that way and it alone made it all worth while.

It's interesting how music can take you to another place. For example, rap music is playing in my bar so now I'm going to a different bar.


Casey, Illinois might be among the smaller towns of the United States, but it's home to some of the biggest things in the world.
Behind all these big attractions is a single man —local businessman Jim Bolin.



Speaking of war...
I've heard it called: "Ukrainian Civil War." Really? I thought a civil war was when the citizens squared off against one another. I'm pretty sure that when the neighboring country sends heavy armored it's called an invasion by occupying troops. 
1957 Jaguar
One of the most beautiful cars ever built.

No amount of belief makes something a fact.


18 ton nephrite jade boulder found in Canada in 2000.
Jacob’s Well, Texas 
Jacob’s well is a 12 feet tunnel opening in a small perennial spring that goes straight down for about 30 feet before leveling off into a huge underwater tunnel system. At least eight divers have died in this system trying to explore the caves.

Look guys, just because a girl is nice to you DOES NOT mean she wants to see a picture of your wiener.


I've been cooking ribs wrong my whole life. 
My bartender told me a better way to cook short ribs inside.
Apply dry pork rub, then wrap in foil. Right before you want to eat open it up and apply sauce. 
The bones fell out while I was trying to get them on my plate. Most delicious.
One more time: It doesn't matter what you are protesting, this is attempted murder.
The subtle difference between a Baked Alaska...
 And a baked Alaskan.
Stop. My dick can only get so erect.
How long will it take you?
Did you catch the gag?

I am so much better looking than my wife that the cashier always puts the plastic divider down in the middle of our groceries.


Maybe he don't want to be saved.
Rouge elephant in India...
Just something else to worry about.
I'm assuming that's a mother moving, not eating, the baby.

Me putting daughter's artwork on fridge:
"I know she’s mine, but she’s an appalling painter. Her use of greens is one of the few saving graces."


You will see why this fits here in due time...
I found this very thought provoking...
But most people don't want to study an issue endlessly, they want to take someone's word for it.
That is a huge problem with the two political spheres in America. Both Democrats and Republicans think their party can do no wrong and the opponent's can do no good.
I think that the major divide concerns the roll of government. One side thinks that government can solve all the problems and the other thinks government is the problem.
I have stated that the federal government is the most inefficient solver of problems every devised.
I've said that the only two things they have really succeeded at was winning WWII and landing on the moon. I am no fan of big government.
But unlike the Hillary supporter below, I know Trump will not have enough authority to ruin very much.
That's a Clinton supporter reacting to Trump winning the U.S. election.

Why don't locking your car remotely automatically engage your parking break?


I taught a kid who made a fortune in Japan as a male model, doing things just like that. 
They have a "Pull Pants Up" guy! 
There is a push on the internet to get this guy more roles...
I have no idea why.
Speaking of aging...
Oh holy shit, y'all!
There is an old saying used to express amazement: "Well, paint me blue and call me Quincy!"
This young man is overwhelmed with emotion as he graduates from military school.
The pride. He may be the first in his family to get a degree and he knows he is a man among men.
And this slave to augmented beauty has been going on a long, long time...
Man jumped from 25,000 feet without a parachute and this device caught him.
Got a very nice email from a young woman concerning Folio Olio. She found me by researching such things as these...
It must be nice to be a product that must be marketed like soap...

99% of marriage is waiting in the car for your spouse.

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