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Tuesday, February 7, 2017


One Of My Very Own...
Sorry. Let's try that again.


Pretty Woman

The internet's reaction to the most wonderful football game.

"THE" catch

Get it?
 Super Bowel

 The Atlanta fan who went to the bathroom in the 4th quarter...

 The collective gasp...

A new verb is born... 



 A jew sticking up for muslims.

[verification needed]


An ocean of cell phones...

 We were lied to...AGAIN!

NOTE: If you are not familiar with gambling parlance, you can skip the heartbreak to follow.
I bought a square on a $10 board for the Super Bowl. I had NE-0 and ATL-8. The $1000 purse would be paid out $125 at the end of 1st and 3rd quarters; $250 for half; and $500 for end game.
Had NE not missed that extra point the score would have been 10-28 and I would have won $250. Then if NE hadn't sent it into overtime, the score would have been 20-28 and I would have won $500. 
I did win all my smaller bets however, which is nice. And that's why they call it gambling.

Was Bingo the name of the dog or the farmer?


From nurses...


Give me beer to change the things I can change and weed to accept the things I can not.


The idea that one day that would, in fact, be off calendar is intriguing. It could be the most special of days. Only kids born on that day could be our leaders. We couldn't do worse than we have now.
New way to get buried.
And just think, you could end up in your son's omelet or on your wife's pizza. 
The race to put a privately funded spacecraft on the Moon has just five teams left in the competition.
The surviving groups all met an end-of-2016 deadline to obtain launch contracts - and these have now been verified by the organisers of the Google Lunar X-Prize.
To stand a chance of winning the $20m top purse, however, the teams will need to leave Earth by 31 December.
The winner will be the first to roam at least 500m, and stream hi-res imagery.

My money is on Japan.

You really need to watch this:

One of the most beautiful shots in cinematography.

I still say a wasp's nest chucked through the window would be the ideal way to end any hostage situation. 


Think you aren't taking sensitivity to the extreme?
Try this: 
[Trigger warning ⚠]
Are you offended? How about this:

Can you image a woman being ridiculed for something like this?

I wonder how many men went to the women's march just to pick up women? Probably many more than you think.

Now this is something we should be protesting...sending children to die for causes that are suspect at best.

 It is rather comforting that the US is not the only country with problems associated with racism.

Or how about getting really irate over this...
Flint, Michigan, has been without clean drinking water since 2014.

Wife Thoughts: My husband and I are fighting. There's about a 50-50 chance he knows.


I knew a guy that would take empty booze bottles to work and anonymously leave them in random trash cans around his office.
Holy shit, y'all!
That the damnest thing I've seen in a long time!
When you dishonor your family and have to commit Sudoku.
"Climb the ladder to success" is just a metaphor, dude.
Why isn't the mainstream media covering this?

You might be cool, but you are not bring a fold out sofa to the beach cool.

If I had cats...
 Man the fuck up, you little bitches.

The internet has ruined me...

See anything odd?

 Man's arm after being struck by lightning...
 No, it's A5 Wagyu beef from Japan

*The First Ever Rodeo
"Does anyone know what we're supposed to do?"


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My balls my call is a good idea. Red pill men's rights is not

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