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Sunday, April 16, 2017

SUNDAY #3038

One Of My Very Own...

One That Only Looks Like One Of My Very Own

Astaire - You Are All The World To Me - Royal Wedding. You may really want to watch this. It was amazed, and remember no help from the computer.

Here's how they did it behind the scenes:


“Instead of eggs, you’re going to look for lost balls in the water hazards.”

Pictures Trump wants taken off the interweb.

And Jesus said "If the lepers cannot afford healthcare, let them suffer, for poverty is a character issue."


Military Kites
Just another way to spy on the enemy.

I've never known how to rig up switches that turn the light both on and off depending how the other switch is positioned.
The bottom illustration is crystal clear.

Nicknamed the "double-bubble" because of its joined twin hulls, the D8 is a joint project between MIT, NASA, and the airline industry. By reducing the jet's cruising speed 10%, engineers were able to redesign the plane's wing configuration and lower drag. Add to that more efficient engines, and you get a whopping 50% savings in fuel consumption. Other benefits include a roomier interior, faster boarding and deplaning with two aisles, and less engine noise, both inside and outside the aircraft.

“Spiders evolved around 400 million years ago and are among the most common and abundant predators in terrestrial ecosystems. The annual prey kill of the global spider community is in the range of between 400 and 800 million metric tons.”
"The weight of what spiders eat in one year is more than all humans on the planet combined, citing a 2012 study that estimates the total biomass of all adults on Earth as about 287 million tons." 

Helmcken Falls, BC
Where do the water go?

"Houston has a problem. So does Chicago, New York, and big chunks of New Jersey. The U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics recently released an interactive National Transportation Noise Map that highlights locations where you’re more likely to suffer from decibel distress, and those areas are highlighted for all of the wrong reasons.

And what do you think cause this configuration of sound pollution? 
The most common culprits in high-noise hot spots? Airports and interstates. While much of the country is subjected to a tolerable 50 decibels or less—the equivalent of a humming refrigerator—bigger cities like New York and Chicago can see up to 80 decibels, which is more akin to a rumbling garbage disposal or standing 50 feet from a passing freight train." 

"I'm so sorry about your grandma passing away. If there's anything I can do, just name it."
"How are your resurrecting skills?"


Milan, Italy and the most beautiful mall I've ever seen.

I can't really put my finger on it, but I really like this.

His wife should have known the marriage was going to fail when he hid her engagement ring in a gas station Paquito.


The biggest compliment ever paid me was the guy who said that I am always thinking.

I think about many things...like this...
Question: Will these things do this until the water evaporates? And couldn't you solve that with some sort of non-evaporating fluid?
If so, could not you position a little waterwheel to be turned by the falling fountain and have a perpetual motion machine?

I have a very, very low boredom threshold. I can and will find something to do to stave off ennui. Crosswords come in handy in such places as doctor's office and DMV.

These images captures pretty accurately how it was when I was growing up.

But we had no adult to help us. The adults were off working. Every adult I knew worked.

We never took trips like this.
When we traveled it was "Sit down and shut up and I will TELL you when we get there.
Almost every vacation we took was to the beach.
I still love the beach.

I have a thing for young children.
I can't even read a newspaper account of a child abuse case. Such things sicken me that much.

Sometimes I think I would have liked to be a baker.
Fuck cake and pies, I would bake bread. God I love bread cooked properly.

I overthink every movie and TV show.
I guess it's because of all the plot holes and logic problems I had to deal with in writing my novels, but the scene above drives me nuts. She solved a major problem: 1-How to turn the walker into pack animals, and 2- How to walk right through the walkers without molestation. Yet...YET they never use this genius again.
Here's another brilliant idea that they just forgot about...
But how did he get the spike through his back. Walk backwards?

The only thing I like better than the NFL is making money off the NFL. I also like winners.
What you call cheating I call giving yourself an edge. And how in the name of sanity is it allowed that the teams supply their own balls. That doesn't happen in any other sport...for a very good reason.
And if you employ a lip reader on your sideline to translate the opposing coach, more power to you.

I try never to lie. I have no desire to remember the lies, so I just don't use it as a life strategy.
I am not that person. I may make fun of all kinds of people, but in person I'm actually rather gentle.

From a movie and I like both quotes.

I am convinced that there is a very real possibility that somebody is going to launch a cyber attack and we are going to be fucked...at least for a while.
And that is why I preach the importance of having stored supplies. You don't have to go nuts about it, but having enough canned beef stew and such for a couple of months doesn't cost that much and could save you life. At least think about it.

Interviewer: So where do you see yourself in five years?
Me: I'd say my biggest weakness is listening.


Quick, a King Cobra wanders into city during a drought; what do you do?

Man gives himself tattoo with laser engraving machine.
Is it just an illusion or is that smoking? 


Genuine life lesson: Think outside the box.
I know some of you people saw that the first time I posted it, but some of you stupid bastards have already forgotten it.

If you've never been to the US, this image sums it up pretty well.
But you don't have to live in a place this depressing. I live downtown and love it. Quaint shops instead malls. Family restaurants instead of fast food franchises. And three minutes to our jobs.

Do you think he is really that stupid?

Does this make you do funny things with your eyes?
Me too.


The notion of royalty is so alien to Americans we find it hilarious. Sorry but it's true.

"This Is Bullet-Proof GLASS!" he said.
"But that was a hammer, not a bullet."

My Sherpa girlfriend is too high-mountainance.


Haven't seen that meme guy in a while.


I'll just leave this without comment...

My kids' dried up sea monkeys taste nothing like chicken. 


I know you are tried of hearing about this.
But we pay all those taxes and have no guarantees to be healthy, housed or fed. We don't even have an infrastructure worth a shit.
What we do have is the ability to bomb anyone on the planet anytime we want.

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Becki said...

The artwork of Stine Björn is a rectangular shape:

A = wl (area using number of circles)
17(w) x 31(l) = 527(A)

527/1.618 = 325.711(a)
527 – 325.711 = 201.289(b)

Ratio (b/a): 201.289/325.711 = 0.618(phi, golden ratio conjugate)


I like it, too.

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