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Thursday, July 13, 2017

THURSDAY #3124 chem

One Of My Very Own...

Janis Joplin - Piece of My Heart

If you write "Math" where the tip amount should be written, just stop. It's a much overused, cute little bullshit that has far outlived its humor factor. Waitstaff don't have time for you bullshit. So just fucking stop.

Mosul has been liberated.

And to think, these poor bastards lived through...


Venezuela is still killing its young people.

Chilling, but here are the causes of death in the hundred or so sons and daughters that won't be coming home.
I sure wish I knew what Disparo meant. I'm guessing disappeared.

With what we know about drones acting in concert, this is a no brainer.


I'd pay double for a barber shop that offered a talk-free haircut.


I've been having conversations concerning flat-earthers.
None of us have actually met a flat-earther, but we still have questions. For instance, what happens when you walk, sail or fly to the edge? Well, these people believe that Antarctica  is not a continent, but circles the rim of the planet and is impassable, much like the image at the bottom left above.  

It is my belief that these kind of people just want attention, and in all honesty are as harmless as the Chemtrail crowd.

But the insanity of some groups is very, very dangerous.
I'm usually not in favor of government trying to solve all our problems, but this is an exception. No vaccines / no school is the place to start.

Here's some more insanity that I found so stupid it was funny:

When will it stop?

Most people will turn to violence, but usually as the last option. Some (usually big, strong people) has it as first or second option.

But this time it seems to have worked out well.

Then there are pricks like this sick fuck...
John Hinckley Jr. shot Ronald Reagan to impress Jodie Foster - March 30, 1981

We all lie, it's just that some of us are much better at it than others.

9.1 Gs....and he didn't pass out. That's impressive as hell.
At first I thought he was taking a screen test for serial killer role.

This is called Gaming The System...
Remember my motto: If you don't game the system, the system will game you.

I hate when someone is telling a story and then I make it about me and then that person interrupts me.

(take it or leave it)

I agree with that and use art of every kind to make my home as fascinating as possible. You should see the jaw dropping awe exhibited by most visitors. I was once asked if it was okay for the painting to match the sofa? I told them sure, but only if you bought the painting first.

But you can make a house your home by using anything that you really like.



An alert viewer found this gem:


It's not wrong if it works.
I bet you can't watch that just once.
That father loves his daughter very much.

Wish I was smart instead of just thinking I was smart.


Question: Do you think that is an abandoned bridge that was overtaken with vegetation or was it designed that way?

Oh, look, somebody knows what they are doing.
I'm guessing a school.

I can't figure out if this is just another way to make one of those rotating ice circles...
Or is it an art installation.



Could somebody please tell me how to get Google to tell me where an image was first posted on line. I know there's a way and it used to be right there on my Google window...."Image Search"? But I think this is from years ago. Come on, somebody either research the image or tell me how to do it.


Food Porn
You can't imagine how much I love good bread.

Have you ever licked sour cream off someone else's plate after it was in the sink?


That's depressing.


I'm begging for more information on that. I remember when that spill was suppose to ruin the whole Gulf of Mexico.

Map of Racial Intolerance

Nuclear accident at Three Mile Island.
But with all the lambasting, it didn't kill anyone. People live up and down the river to this day. Whereas, hundreds die in coal mines every year and nobody gives a shit.

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, will an old person still blame it on Millennials?


THESIS: I've begun thinking that most of the ills of society would be solved if people just had sex more often.  No data on that, just a gut feeling. 
All those men who want sex and all those women who want sex and they can't seem to get together. I've always said that if you don't get fucked often enough, your standards are too high. You can fix that very easily.

Ladies, if he's painting the ceiling and you touch is penis, he will be yours forever. Honest.

Nice guys finish first. If you don’t know that, then you don’t know where the finish line is.

And it need not be between a man and a woman if you know what I mean.

Women say they don't know what their men want, well, it ain't rocket science

So get out there and show your wares.
Pull a tittie out for no reason. Have some fun.

Car commercials grossly overestimate how much time I spend driving around in the desert.


We have proof of their lies throughout our history, and yet we tell people we have an honorable leadership.

And now we have transferred more trillions of dollars to arms merchants with the same non-victory.

And neither do you hear any talk of winning.


Jambe said...

I like the Watts quote.

Did you receive my comment on Tuesday's post? I had a lot of links in there so the spam filter may have prevented it from getting through.

Ralph Henry said...

Sorry, man, at my age some of the intended posts look like normal emails and I fuck it up. Nothing intensional.

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