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Wednesday, July 12, 2017


One Of My Very Own...

Happy Iraqis take to the streets of Baghdad to celebrate victory over ISIS in Mosul after 9 months of intense fighting. 

Well, I guess it's time for them to invade Iran.

If you wear a trainer shirt at the gym you can inappropriately touch anyone you want.


When I was in Germany 20 years after WWII, most all the taxis were Citroen's. 
I remember that they had ultra-posh soft floorboards...don't know why.
They also had tracking headlights that followed the turn of the steering wheel.
In my opinion that is a Grade A good idea.

The airless, 3D printed, self fixing tire of the future.
You might want to look into them:


You see a great leap in landscaping.
I see two dudes watching their jobs evaporate.

I looked through a huge collection of images of unused railroad tracks in America.

I had no idea there were this many.

And it occurred to me that we should bring back an old idea.

Use a rather simple attachment to any bike. Rent them perhaps.
That system allows you to remove the guides and do a little off track exploring.
Other models could be fun also.
I'm assuming the one above is light enough to lift it to the side when another cart is returning.

My wife uses cloth bags for groceries.
She agrees that these would be a great idea.

To hell with fitness Friday, I say! Long live fitting a half dozen donuts in my mouth Friday.


I think a lot about people who put their lives at risk for a mere thrill. But more telling is how that accident happened. At busy intersections, my wife watches right as I watch left. After 20 I still have not broken her of declaring there was oncoming traffic by saying, "No, no, no, no." I (half deaf anyway could very easy hear "Go, go, go, go."
The correct declaration is "Good right, good right."

I have a fascination for simple housing. At first I assumed this was a shipping container, but now I'm not sure, but notice how the roof doesn't touch the house itself. 
Now one would think that you build something like that to get off by yourself to the peace and quiet of the wilderness.
But then this guy builds another one right across the street.

Speaking of peace and quiet, this is the opposite of that...
I just can't imagine living that way. I bid you no malice if you prefer city dwelling, I just know I would go insane in a week. Here's why - you've all seen my yard and that huge old beautiful oak tree...well, I OWN all that. When you go to a park in the city you are just borrowing it and you are forbidden to make any changes. Pity that.

I am infatuated with the absurd.
I browsed a huge collection of photographs of couples in flood water...not that that in itself is absurd, but just take a long look at these two images and see if it provokes any wonder.

As an artist, being absurd in no liability - it is of great value.

I like to learn odd facts, although as some of you more alert viewers can attest, I do get fooled from time to time.
Now let's talk design. Who in their right mind would use white font on a pale grey background. It makes not a wit of sense.


Photographer's Instructions:

You want a glass of wine?

Read or white?
Like pickles?
Here you go...open real wide.
Now flop out a tittie and look bored...borer than that.

Americans are awful at knowing what they want.
There are actual living Americans who think Communism would solve all our problems, without realizing that you can't start a business or move away without the State's permission. And the reason these people hate Capitalism is that it's unfair and extraordinarily corrupt. I'm more of a let's fix what's wrong, not scrap the whole system.

Bare footprints in an abandoned nuclear reactor.
That is a rather frightening image. 
I like frightening images.

Of late I've made great headway in letting my regrets go.
I know it's simplistic, but every mistake I've ever made had brought me to this point in my life where I have every single thing that I want.
I don't know how it works if you are in a bad place BECAUSE of your mistakes. You may need a whole nother coping mechanism.


There are two kinds of men.
Those that who can't stand dumb women and those who desire dumb women.


Ever have to call someone and get annoyed when they actually answer?


AND he has a sense of humor.

Lady sniper and a near miss.
And she.....smiles broadly. One could assume she smiles because her brains are still inside her skull.

I'm not sure this is strong enough language for how I feel about that, but here goes:
Now I feel better.

Merle Haggard came in my bar once. He was a perfect gentleman. He left me $5 on a bet I made with him on a football game and I ended up winning Merle Haggard's money and I was so poor I had to spend it.

The volcano near Pompeii. So fast. So furious.
And, yes, he died masturbating.

The year is 2028. President AR-15 just signed a law that simply said "Truck".


Well, they finally fessed up.
The producer of Fox News announced that it was not a news outlet but rather a conservative talk show platform. but we all knew that anyway.




I once switched the place cards at a reception so that I was sitting next to the Oyster Rockefeller.




That rather disquieting.

You don't hear much from Christo these days. 

Is this art?
You tell me.


My arm could be chopped off and I could be covering the wound with paper towels and my wife would be like, "Too many. You're wasting them!"


What kind of cold hearted bastards are we? We can't take care of sick children because it costs too much? And remember, if poor people don't have insurance they will just clog the Emergency Rooms with sore throats and such. We pay either way.

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