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Wednesday, August 9, 2017


One Of My Very Own...

Who the fuck thought this would be a good idea?
From the internet: "It should be noted that the swastika is a 'basic geometric shape' and was used all over the world. It still is used today in many place, like Japan."
Yeah, like we know what negro means but we don't run around calling people that.

But wait there's more...
The Royal Dutch Airlines tried to use seat belts for a pro-LGBT message: "Doesn't matter who you click with."
Failed miserably when people started noticing that only the "heterosexual" buckles fastened together in a safe and proper manner. In the event of an crash only one of those seat belt combinations is going to result in saving a person.
Now I think they are just being picky.



When your wife is on her period, do not..I repeat, DO NOT sing "My rag time girl" to her and expect her to find it funny.


I came across these pro-Mars T-shirt designs.
I am firmly in favor of settlements on Mars, but first the Moon. I would suggest a rescue ship be on the ready. If those people die we might never try it again.

I am a staunch atheist, or as I like to call myself - a free-thinker.
I've been told that being an atheist is an elitist view, since none of us can know for sure. I don't buy that. You must be able to eliminate the absurd or you could believe that a flying teapot made man and his environment. I look at motive of the writers of religious texts. People ask me if I think all those apostles just lied? And I remind them of the followers of the modern day religion and the mountains of falsehoods mouthed by their devotees. That this guy.
I once wrote a novel about a young man who inherited his uncle's farm and in the house he found a manuscript the uncle had rejected from a publisher. It was a dead ringer for the book on which L.Ron Hubbard based his religion. Come to find out, both men had the same publisher.
But when you look closely Scientology isn't anymore weird than Christianity.
Anyway, I watched a movie about making a movie on Scientology. It's well worth the time:

When I was in Germany in the late 60s I saw the boxer Sonny Liston (the boxer) in a restaurant and his hand holding a glass looked just like this.
That hand belongs to a professional arm wrestler, Jeff Dabe.

I think about things like this all the time.
I've researched dolphin and the way their radar can detect a baby in the mother's womb. Then there are the butterflies that can navigate thousands of miles. So many senses that we lack.

I was in a tornado one time.
Well, technically it hit the house next door but I remember my whole family huddled in the hallway in the middle of the house.

I think cemetery burials are just silly. The whole preservation thing, the beautiful box, the waste of land...no, it has far outlived its mystique.
But you have to admit, the one above is just about the most depressing sight I've seen in a long time.

When I was a school teacher I was required to take hours of education periodically to keep my certificate. Well, I found out I only needed 3 more hours and I could get certified to teach history as well as art, so I look back through my transcript and discovered I had skipped an US History 101 class, so I signed up.
Well, not to brag, but I knew everything they were teaching. Then we came to the protests against the Vietnam war and they said that that was the awakening of the American consciousness of justice. I called bullshit, out loud. I told the professor that if there had been no such thing as the draft, young people would not have care a wit bout some country on the other side of the globe. They were trying to save their own asses, pure and simple.

I had a thing about doing it in fields, pastures, and then there was that time my wife took a squeeze bottle of Hersey chocolate and a blanket out in the middle of that peach grove. Of such things an old man dwells.

Of course, I've always had a way with women.

I guess it's because I've had to work out so many holes in the plot of my own books that I've gotten real good at predicting movie plots.
The worse of sins is to take the easy way out to solve problems. What I mean is, that character that is giving you problems gets run over by a bus or some such shit.

Yes, there was a post just like this in every barber shop when I was growing up.
We called the two on the bottom right "duck tails" and they were a sign of rebelliousness.

During long road trips, sights like this would consume me.
I could visualize myself atop one of those spires and it was a good thing.

I don't get this cartoon.
I will think about such things for days. It's just who I am.

Does anyone else get road rage walking behind slow people?


The Champawat Tigress was the most prolific man eater in history. She was a Bengal tiger living in the Nepal/Champawat area that resorted to killing and eating humans as a result of a permanent tooth injury. Between the years 1900 and 1907 she had a confirmed kill count of 436.

Could this be true?
These are the education levels of each state and the country that has the same.
That just don't look right. 

Egyptian tank flattens terrorist car filled with 100 kg of explosives, saving the lives of at least 50 civilians and soldiers.

I have written often about cities that just grew up from a village with no planning.
I found it interesting that in London the cab drivers have to take a very difficult test to insure they can find even the most obscure address.
Here in America cab drivers often don't even speak English. Such speaks toward the sanity of both cultures.


A memorial in Cork for Native Americans who raised money for Irish people starving whilst starving themselves.


The cape was made from Madagascar Golden Orb spider silk and was exhibited at London's Victoria and Albert Museum in June 2012. Eighty-two people worked for four years to collect over one million golden orb spiders and extract silk from them.

That was fun.

Less than one month, y'all.
I'm already planning where to go if the weather is overcast near my home.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself. There are people out there who are literally allergic to dogs!


I thought scat porn was some girl going "ski bi di do top" on a dick. Boy, was I wrong.


Things that make you tilt your head like a puppy.

And the arty bit...

I really like it when a dog is on guard but not in full bark mode so they just whisper "boof."


Instead of a timestamp each tweet should come with what you're currently blowing on a breathalyzer at the time you posted it.


Dear lesbians, refusing to sleep with straight guys is deeply heterophobic. Bring your girlfriend, too. Monogamous relationships are a patriarchal western ideal, anyway.

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