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Thursday, October 5, 2017


One Of My Very Own

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Richie Havens - Here Comes the Sun, 1971


One badass motherfucker.

Abu Tahseen, AKA Sheik of snipers, died in a battle few days ago in iraq, in the last 6 months he killed 175 ISIS members while he's 63 years old, he killed 341 terrorists in total.



I'm not even going to pretend I understand how it works, but here's the setup.


This Saudi man teaching his wife how to drive.
Does that smile look forced to you, too?


Here's the link to the New Yorker Article: 
Children's Cartoon promoting 

From a mom I know:
"Kids' programming is so hit or miss -- lazy parents who plop their kid down in front of popular cartoons without vetting them risk exposing them to very unhealthy messages.
 I recently came across a "cultural theory" analysis of the show which made a very good argument that Thomas the Tank Engine promotes authoritarian and repressive values.  Don't believe it?"

And here is one of the cartoons in question. I strongly urge you to watch it...I was floored by it. 

My takeaway was that  If you are fearful of something then you should be severely punished.

Read an article about this recent mass killing and how it compares to others.

This is the norm

With a couple of exceptions
Read for yourselves:

Then there is this:
I feel compelled to point out that 99% of the mass murders were one gang taking out their competition and gang members don't give a flying fuck about your demanded gun restrictions. 

NOTE: As soon as I put this post to bed, as it were, I checked my email and found this from a loyal reader:
you show the murder rate in chicago.  i live in chicago.  what you show is true however for the most part it is confined to the black neighborhoods.  every now and then they branch out and enter an integrated neighborhood and commit a murder.  usually the murder is for gain.  everyone i know knows someone who was shot or robbed. 
i know people who teach school in those neighborhoods and they tell us it is awful.  
police officers in those neighborhoods keep their heads down and only respond when there is a call.  
everything the police used to do to maintain order can result in a lawsuit now.  
most Chicagoans know which neighborhoods to avoid if they want to live a little longer.  
occasionally you will get caught in a bad area by mistake.   for instance.  i use Waze on my phone for directions that supposedly are quicker than other ways.  a week ago i used Waze to drive from the north side of chicago to the southwest side of chicago.  i had a blonde woman and two little boys in the car.   Waze took us right into the worst of the bad areas.  Everyone in the car was terrified.  the stuff that was going on around us on the street, an in other cars made us doubt we would get home alive.  
i have deleted Waze from my phone and only navigate with my familiarity of bad areas.  
as a side note.  a friend told me Waze is forbidden by law to direct a driver around bad areas.  

as a long time Chicagoan i am afraid there is little hope.  

 "Lucy, in the sky, with diamonds." - John Lennon, the world's worst Clue player.


What happens next?
A. He manages to back out of the situation.
B. The bridge collapses on second attempt.
C. His second attempt is to safely cross it at great speed.
D. A miracle.


Amsterdam mayor Eberhard van der Laan is stepping down from public duties after doctors told him there is no more they can do to treat his lung cancer.

 In a letter addressed to ‘Dear Amsterdammers’, the mayor said he had now officially reported in sick. 
Van der Laan went public about his lung cancer diagnosis in January, saying the cancer has spread and that there is ‘little reason for optimism’. ‘I will continue to do my job… in a way which is right. I wish to remain your mayor for a little longer,’ he said at the time. In the new letter, 
Van der Laan said that ‘little longer’ was now over. ‘I have been your mayor with great pleasure for the past eight years. Your support has helped me enormously,’ he said. 
He hoped his legacy would be that Amsterdam remained ‘een lieve stad’ – a kind Amsterdam.
These people just showed up at his residence to voice their support.


The old peanut butter on the wall trick.

Threading a needle...


Mrs. Brown's Boys. Funny as shit.

This Rock Grinder
Sort of mesmerizing ain't it.

This is one of the treasure hunters in Russia.

I think it has to do with the thawing of the permafrost making digging possible. Anyway, they know where the battles were fought, so they take metal detectors and have a field day...no pun intended.

And here is one I wish to discuss.
Since Roman times and probably before, civilians have been burying their valauables when they know their city is going to be overrun. I know it was done in the South when Union soldiers were near.
That leaves me to believe there is a whole lot of loot out there waiting to dig up.

D. A miracle.

 Why is it called a bathroom towel and not a john linen?


11 cars ran off the track at exactly the same place. This is the eleventh.


A universal problem that nobody is discussing.


Ladies and gentlemen, the Grand Marshal of this year's Loser Parade.


HORROR MOVIE Indie Films are Fun.
Kid lives with his "stealing copper out of buildings" poor father, living in an abandoned building, still has a cell phone that he never charged.

The your people break into another abandoned apartment from which they had heard moans and scratching...

And immediately screams...

Can you tell which architect does drugs?

The handler is being charged with 286 counts of mischief for tampering with bags from flights on Singapore Airlines, Silk Air, and Lufthansa. Such alleged shenanigans could cost the handler a year in jail or multiple fines.


Bitches be crazy.


Answers to 1960s voter reading comprehension test.
[ If I'm not mistaken these were used to keep blacks from voting. ]
Well worth the read...honest.

Still can't quite believe the World Health Organization framed Roger Rabbit.


That still awes me.

I think this is a Canadian cartoon.
Speaking of...
Why didn't the photographer help that child?

Ducks that were housed with several males grew longer penises than ducks housed with more females than males.
[ So right now there are scientists out there measuring duck dicks? ]


That one time when Michael Morse hit a grand slam with out using a bat...
After a ball he hit with the bases loaded bounced off the top of the wall, and back into the field of play, Morse was tagged out at first, because the other runners didn't advance.  After reviewing the video, the Umpire correctly called it a home run, sending Morse back to home plate, so he, and the other Nationals, could touch the bases.

Vacationing Putin fished, hiked, swam, and wrestled a bear.
Vacationing Trump rode a golf cart to his other golf cart.







Fred McFeely Rogers (Mr. Rogers)
He was singing “Where is Thumbkin” with children and, when he got to Tall-Man, he proudly displayed his middle fingers…because that’s how the song played out.


Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how many times I looked at your Army figure picture trying to find the "odd" thing about it. Today was the day it dawned on me what you were going for. I hope I'm not the norm in the intelligence department for your readers. lol

Ralph Henry said...

I hope you deduced that it concerns my art packets I've been dropping around town...each with an army man in it.

Anonymous said...


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