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Wednesday, February 14, 2018


One Of My Very Own

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The Clash, “Should I Stay or Should I Go”


The parts of the Olympics they don't show you.

This is a skiing robot.

Sure, it's time to coach a world-class athlete but these mittens aren't going to knit themselves.

I've never been more proud of my country.

Olympic biathlon expert Tiril Eckhoff brags about her ability to remain cool and focused when she's shooting. 
- Norwegian TV tested that ! 
These gifs were in the wrong format and my blog site won't accept it.

Anyway, here she is with an active electric dog collar on with the threat of shock any second.


Dancing drag queen...

Heavy metal band.
This one caused the most misses.

I've been asked to give my opinion of the two Obama portraits.
They are okay. Portraits aren't meant to compete with the fine arts. Their purpose is to depict a person in, I guess, your personal style.
The strong inverted V structure denotes strength; dress patterns distracting from subject; skin color confuses me.

And all I can think of when I look at this...

Is this...


Black business owner yells at rioters after they burn his business and vehicle - LA Riots 1992

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.



And he keeps tapping his cane.


You’re not allowed to be an eyewitness on the TV news unless you’re the most confused, incoherent person at the scene.


Observations and Advice


No matter what your subject matter you must always be acutely aware of the light.

That is also the rule in most paintings.

Light can change an everyday scene into something special.

But, of course, there is light light, and then there is light color...always contrasted. 


I've got nothing against staged images, but when staging you better give me something special.

That was probably created with a mister.


Put yourself in the right place and wait or just stumble upon a scene with a camera handy.
There is nothing wrong with these, but you could wait years to get a shot like that.

Waiting for the most dramatic time of day is clever.

And always observe your surroundings for something unique or at least interesting.

This is what I call a "story shot."

It begs for a story to explain it. I read it as a challenge.


There is no need to have everyone look at the camera and to say "Smile."
Not if you are serious about creating something with some worth.

And don't forget about the light...ever.

And quit dolling everyone up so they will be "presentable."

In my book, natural trumps posed every time.

Many people think that fancy equipment will give them a better chance of producing a quality image.

But most of them just reminds me of slice ad agency trickery.

Close up is cool...I guess.

And so is leaving the shutter open.
But it's been done to death.


There is no better way to put yourself in the middle of the drama than spending time in a war zone.
 It doesn't get any more dramatic than death and suffering.

 But sometimes the message gets lost in the grotesqueness. 

Some photographs trigger something in your mind, reminds you of a person...a feeling...a memory. To me, this is such an image.

As a trained artist, I have studied a plethora of artists and their paintings. This man is Robert Motherwell.

I had the great pleasure of meeting him in 1974, at the University of South Carolina. At that time people all over the world were bidding big money on the 50th painting he would paint...sight unseen.
Here is a sample of two of his better known paintings.
Now go back and look at the photograph of the people in the fence.

In a Q&A with Mr. Motherwell, a pompous professor noted that his recent smaller paintings had a huge signature. Then asked, "Would you tell us if you are selling the image or your signature?"
Mr. Motherwell smiled and simply said, "No."
The professor asked, "No you are just selling your signature or no you are selling the image."
Then the great man's smile faded, his eyes narrowed and he said, "That wasn't the question. The question was 'Would I tell you" and the answer to that is 'No'.

That memory and more sparked by one image of two people in a fence.


What’s the age limit for saying, “Look how big you've gotten?” Because last week I said it to my wife and she hasn't spoken to me since.




I'm not a big fan of gimmick art.
But I was surprised by this one. And the red and white at the end is great.



I consider Meme = Format for a gag or advice or complaint.

I invented this meme template.
As a matter of fact, this whole blog is formatted into a template. I helps me organize my observations and saves so much time.

I'd pay good money to watch them do that naked.

I never understood why parents teach their kids to wave at passing trains. They could do that to pedestrians or cars just as easily.

But if you give the finger to the people on the trains, there’s nothing they can do about it — they can’t stop. It’s that which makes trains special.



The same is true for onions and potatoes. All are very easy to grow, but are cheap to buy.
However, nothing tasted better than home grown tomatoes. Not sure about home grown onions and potatoes.

Began watching Babylon Berlin, and right off the bat they had a porn filming scene where the angel inseminates the Virgin Mary while she sucks Joseph's dick.
Love the little wings.
The series was set in the Jazz Age but I noticed that all the cigarettes were filtered.

I notice stuff like that all the time.


Fucking vegans.

Caption read: "rolling mill goes nuts". You think?!

That's fucking terrifying.
Notice how the guys on the left first start walking and them it's like 'HOLY FUCKING SHIT!'
And notice what happened to the spot they evacuated. Then there's that stupid motherfucker standing within feet of it piling up.

This girl escaped, walked around a couple of hours, then came home.

Shirley and Jenny, two circus elephants reunited after 22 years embrace at Tennessee elephant sanctuary.

(Those really didn't fit in this section, but I had nowhere else to put them.)

Now here's another add-on that is very serious.
The day I posted an inquiry about race and opined if it were racist to point out observations, a truly remarkable long time viewer sent me a one hour long documentary from London about the very same thing. It was eye opening and can be transferred to the present political scene in the US with no trouble. It's title is:

Are you offended by this?
Well, it's absolutely factual.
Give this a try and if you get really bored toward the end, at least skip to the last few minutes for the crux of his message.


I agree.

As I understand it, one of the larger model agencies now refuses to hire these sick people. We should commend them.

"Oh, I don't believe in the Garden of Eden or Virgin Birth, but the bible gives wonderful lessons we can use to lead a good life." 
- Half the people I talk to.



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