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Sunday, May 27, 2018

SUNDAY #3440

One Of My Very Own

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I would like to thank all you fine folk who found and sent my good friend a star dollar. I renew my plea because he gets absolutely giddy when he receives one. He considers you people gods.
This is a star dollar:
Note star in the serial number.
And this is where you send them:
Star Dollars
3008 Rosewood Dr.
Columbia, SC 29205

You guys are the greatest.


Right now 36-year-old Meghan Markle is celebrating her marriage to a prince. Right now 72-year-old me is celebrating the fact I found fudge cycles in the freezer. Guess we're both living the dream.


Savile Row is a street in London known primarily for bespoke tailoring for men. 


This guy, on the other hand, needs a statue erected.


NOTE: Right now in the US it is the lowest unemployment can get. If you don't have a job now, it may just be your own damn fault.

Part of the thrill of online dating is not knowing if you will meet your future spouse or if you will end up being worn as a skin suit.



Bacon wrapped pineapple stuffed with boneless ribs.


Just another reason to eat oysters.
I found a tiny one once.


Workers building the wall to a hut with stones in Korea in 1909.
I would love to watch a crew do that.


How unusual.


Now, this is a happy dance...
She is simply delightful.


If they are too weak to dig themselves out, should they be left to die?


Kids playing with a small oil derrick they made outside Houston, TX, US in 1922.
Successful physical manipulation of materials is something a computer can't teach you.


A teenage boy would find a way to fuck that thing.


Have none of them ever seen a magic show before?


Bungee cord


How could you possibly not race them?


I mentioned that 63 Ford Galaxie convertible that my buddy drove in Germany, then recently I remembered the back story.
Another friend's family brought Castro Calderon when they immigrated from Cuba to escape the other Castro. They must have brought half the mint with them because they were filthy rich. For instance, my friend had his car shipped to him in Germany from Miami. Also, he never cashed any of his paychecks from the Air Force; they were stacked in a drawer...I saw them. Anyway, when he went back to America, he sold my friend the car for next to nothing because he simply didn't need the money.


Very interesting.
The article:

Every city needs an event. 
And it's perfectly okay to just make one up. A city near me has a yearly chitlin strut and the less you know about the origins the better.


Saudi man shares a photo of him teaching his wife to drive.
Remember that in Cairo the taxis set their horns to beep on a timer of about ever 5 or 10 seconds...or at least they used to when my friend lived there.


Tommy Russell (driving the first car on the left) shows off a row of Russell Motor Cars in Toronto, Canada in 1909. His company was the first successful Canadian car company.
I think you can tell a lot about a country by whether or not they make their own brand of automobile.


Took me a moment or two.
[ wanker ]

Before surgery, the anesthetist offered to use knockout gas or whack me over the head with a boat paddle. It was an ether/oar situation.

I don't get it.


Let's play What Happens Next.

A. He pulls off a perfect two and a half backflip off that cliff behind him.

B. He pulls off the perfect imitation of a seal.

C. He pulls off the other man's clothes.

D. He pulls off the other man's lip.

I would like to apologize for losing and not being about to relocate the gif of him ripping the other guy's lip off. I was special effects makeup, but it was freaky.


Completely baked on Festival Day.
That's got acid written all over it.


Finally got one of these to load.


I've been accused of "changing sides" on a number of issues.

I just don't think either side has it all figured out.

If you think the left or the right is correct on every issue, then you are delusional.
Can't I want to keep my guns AND have universal health care at the same time? 


French horn players could not handle the emotion of performing John Williams's title music from "Schindler's List." 

I assume everyone on the internet is a guy unless proven otherwise.


NOTE: As one would assume, that I like some of my posts much more than others. The fact is, some days there are slim pickings on the various sites I visit regularly and I have to select items that are very close to sub-par. The following section is a case of just picking items that fill the daily post quota. I suggest you use the remainder of this post as a public service announcement of activities you should avoid undertaking. Thank you.


I haven't seen this happen in a while, so I present a rerun.


US Air Force F-22 Raptors passing underneath Cessna.
Reaction time - 0.




The next time you are feeling stupid, just remember that a group of grown men approved selling these to children.

My question is, how did the corporate lawyers allow them to go through with it?


For ever action there is an equal and opposite action...

I looked at that frame by frame and still couldn't spot the projectile.

But I think it barely missed them.


They call them roundabouts.

These are intersections in Boston.



What was the oncoming truck driver doing, watching a movie?


And he casually steps to the ground.





I once saw this film from the helmet of a rider.


"It's got one more season in her."



Remember that he had to keep giving it the gas for it not to slow down.



A man wears a wooden 'cangue' for a crime.
They were left to starve to death.


And I still regret not buying the Cherokee death rattle for $125, but that was a lot of money back then.

Millennials can't afford homes because they are greedily using both of their kidneys.




Finesse vs Brute Strength








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