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Thursday, May 31, 2018


One Of My Very Own

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Various comments on some bullshit.

That's closer to my opinion.

A writer does not have to tell the truth, thank god.




Speaking of babies...









Jesus Fucking Christ, Y'all, this stupid motherfucker got a driver's license!

I want to set my phone to "door knock", slip it into a casket at the next funeral I attend, and discreetly dial it over and over.







If my blinkers are on I'm not asking to merge. I'm telling you I'm about to get in front of you. It's not optional. Take the appropriate action, now.



Okay, I'm impressed.


Road rage victory




Fish Rapture





Took researcher's hat


That clap.




I wonder how long it took to get that seat upholstery out of his ass.


Your fetishes are nothing to be ashamed about. Unless your fetish is being humiliated, then you should be very ashamed, you nasty little pervert.

I haven't a clue.


It has 10 eyes, 10 claws, & blue blood worth $15,000 per quart.
And just about a perfect evolutionary design; needing no modifications over millions of years.


That's amazing.


Thunder Child Undergoes Sea Trials

Using a number of factors including a very low center of gravity, sealed hull and stronger, lighter materials the Thunder Child is a self-righting craft with a number of possible applications. It cruises at 40 knots but can go as fast as 60 knots if needed.


I had no idea my government had to do that.





This is right out of Black Mirror.


I love stuff like that.



Why wouldn't it just go ahead and cut it off so it falls in the truck that will haul it out?


The same caution that causes humans babies to back downstairs on their knees.

Weed is the gateway drug to thinking you can rap.













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