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Wednesday, May 30, 2018


One Of My Very Own

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A man holds an umbrella over a soldier standing by the seat and plaque dedicated to the 92,000+ unaccounted American soldiers since WW1.
Correction, the man in uniform is not a soldier, he is a Marine.


 We are not replacing ourselves, which is the death knell of a culture.


Taking it to the next level, from fake terror to real terror.


Man Leaving House By The Trapdoor On The Roof.
I've wondered about that a long time.

The Air-Tractor
Note that it is not an airplane - there are no wings.


50 BMG Bullpup
How many rounds does that magazine hold? I gave up counting after 50 rounds.
With the action all the way in the stock you can incorporate a really long barrel into a relatively short weapon.

Kalashnikov-based shotgun shell feed and ejection with the top cover removed.
Did you notice how that action wabbles? That keeps it from jamming.


What a wonderful way to teach young people a physics principle.


All things Ralph...


I've used this technique a thousand times.
Paint over vinyl stick-on letters then very carefully pull the letters off.

Relationship Status: Table for one. Drinks for two.

I don't get it. Anybody?


How to get arrested when tipsy 101



I predict he will live to regret that.


Have you ever seen instant regret?


This is a perfect example of why you should arm yourself when walking through their territory. I love animals, but it comes down to them and my child, the cat would be full of holes.


Does this make sense to anyone?




No, that was not a mistake. I've known billboard artists who secretly include naked bodies and stuff like that in rushing water or ice cubes.



This is why online spelling tests don't exist.




The painting is called "Thérèse Dreaming" and it's by the artist Balthus.
And some citizens what it removed from the museum. Painting That Many Think Sexualizes a Young Girl.


That makes me sad. The love the restorer put into that car.


I often think about all the money that is hidden by a now dead person that is never found. I have lots of cash, but I am careful to tell loved ones where it is.



A job is more than a paycheck. It's also a place where you cry in the bathroom.



For movies?


That's the way I looked the first time I got to see a completely naked young woman.


That's called a mushroom iceberg and am told they are common.


Back when the word was just a word.


Tastes like chicken and Reese’s pieces.

A "Second Genesis" is a very limit view of the universe, hinting that we are mind-boggling unique...which we certainly are not.


I asked a bar manager about that and he said that if it came down to a choice two equal employees, the one with non-chalkboard expertise would have to go.


Do you think that is an escape ploy?



Yeah, that will be great for my...Cocker Spaniel.




Oh, my.


Any of my foreign viewers want to help me with this?

Dreams: Why worry only while you are awake?






Huskies Pulling Sledge
I always thought they pulled in a straight line.





I used to use very large rolls of paper like is used here for the backdrop.

I would use a pouncing tool just like this one to poke tiny holes along an outline of something that I needed high on a wall.
Like a perfect signature of a famous football player at the university.
After you pounce the lines you just tape the paper in place and spray paint it. I used orange because it showed up well.


These Bandaids change color to match your skin tone, from very like to very dark.

Have a good weekend to everybody except that stingray that killed Steve Irwin, who I still say got off far too leniently.








Tea bagged.



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