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Friday, June 1, 2018

FRIDAY #3445

One Of My Very Own

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The Burka and niqab has been forbidden, by law, to be worn in any public setting In Denmark.


Brian the Brain Tumor has been vanquished.
Simone Giertz's surgery went great, she is on the way to recovery. Hopefully, Shitty Robots and Simone will be back in action real soon.


Faith in mankind restored by a little boy.


Okay, who is tired of hearing about that bitch?








I know you've seen it, but it still makes me smile.


Kevin became Kelvin.





Every social interaction can be made more memorable through the introduction of swordplay.



Path of a hail storm


The Gateway to the Underworld, Siberia
In the 1960s there was a road between the village of Batavia and some industrial facilities. The forest was cut down, and this led to the formation of the ravine. In recent years, against the backdrop of climatic changes, due to the warming, the ravine grew to the size of crater. 
Batagai is a mega slump in the Siberian wilderness, where ancient permafrost is exposed to the full destructive impact of climate change. As the August sun beats down on this Arctic Odyssey, the video shows water frozen in the soil for tens of thousands of years trickle and gush away, released from its ancient clasp. The cliffs of this vast hole, some as high as 100 meters, crumble even as you watch due to the thawing permafrost.  




This raincoat that reveals a floral pattern when wet.
I'm not sure why that would be considered advantageous.


Said to be a GoPro attached to a Cannonball.

The "Cannonball" was actually a bowling ball and the "cannon" wasn't much to look at.


Good god!


Waterfront restaurant arms patrons with Super Soakers to combat seagull problem.
What a great idea.


Meanwhile in Indonesia; Blue Lava

Extremely high quantities of sulfuric gases emerge at high pressures and temperatures (sometimes in excess of 600°C) along with the lava.


Yes, that is exactly what it looks like.


I never knew they raced Porches that way.


Defunct Walmarts turned to libraries.


Something you don't see very often in Germany.

I judge people inversely by the number of air fresheners they have hanging from their rear view mirror.



Get back!! No one goes through this line!


Monsters in the forest. What do we do?
They must have never watched a disaster movie.







Road Rage

Old age is when the high point in your day is realizing you woke up and didn't die in your sleep.



A girl and her dog, three years later.


You're welcome.



Happy 74th birthday to Danny Trejo



Oh, my.

Fashion Tip: Nobody cares.




Looks like some cat lady somewhere has won the lottery.


'The 100' series. Mankind was forced to flee Earth to a space station and they took god with them.
I find that unlikely.



Paying an online company to track down your ancestors is okay, I guess, but I'm from Alabama and we have to use Incestry.com.













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