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Saturday, June 2, 2018


One Of My Very Own

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This woman arrested for crystal meth.



"For years, the citizens of Stockton, California, have faced rampant unemployment, poverty, and hardship. For some, a new experiment could change that. In the coming months, mayor Michael Tubbs plans to launch a universal basic income trial that will — without any conditions or work requirements — give monthly payments to about 100 families over the next two years.
With regular, no-strings-attached payments from the government, people might be able to go back to school or climb out of their student loan debt. The extra cash could turn into more time spent with family or the ability to make healthier meals — the idea is to let people improve their quality of life as much as possible."

Want to bet? I've heard people say that universal basic income will give people the time and resources to write poetry, make art, write music and fulfill their dreams. DO YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE THAT?!?!
In my opinion, it will increase the sales of computer games, illegal drugs, restaurants, and any and every distraction known to man. Poor people with rampant unemployment and in generational poverty (in an economy with full employment where companies can't find enough workers) are not unlucky, they are not discriminated against and there is no conspiracy. They simply have no skills and/or make awful employees because they have never taken the time to learn how to follow instructions, adhere to a schedule, be respectful, etc.
This experiment will fail miserably and I will bet money on it. And that's too bad because when robots take over all the jobs done by human hands, we are going to have to come up a system to keep people fed.


Find Waldo is a silly game, but a whole bunch of people enjoys it. I'm sure you will need to enlarge this one to see him. I found him that way.
Highlight for location: [  Very nearly right in the middle. Just to the right of the rock going up in the air. ]


The title read: When You See It, which seems to be popular on the internet.
I finally spotted it and was really disappointed.
You know the drill: [ spider on shoulder ]


I love educational games - the more the better.


Cycling can be fun, but only if you switch your brain to the ON position.


Pranks can be fun.
But there are prankers and prankees and not every prankee appreciates them.


Just watching a dog can be fun.
Looks like he got into his master's cocaine stash.


I think that's a...


My wife braided my beard last night.


She collects stuff, too...Whatever strikes her fancy.
Heart of Stone in the bottom middle.

If weights were invisible, the gym would look like a terrible slow-motion rave.



Is it? Installing anti-theft devices is a way of solving a problem. The computer tally and security cameras led to the realization that that particular item was being stolen at an alarming rate. Acknowledging that fact is not being racist.


"Your dick got in the way of my hand."


We make jokes about one of the largest mass starvations in history...because we can.


I know that every position of the political dial has its share of loonies, but denying climate change at this point is on the same plane as anti-vaxers.

It doesn't matter whether one considers it "normal planetary fluctuation" or "human-induced," the trend can't be denied: Last month marked the planet's 400th consecutive month with above-average temperatures, federal scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced.

It is a known fact that more Mexicans immigrants vote Democratic. If I was an avid Republican, I would want to keep as many of them out as possible. That's not evil. That's practical.

I might not be the most handsome, smartest or most skillful, but for sure I'm the most tired.




Work smarter, not harder.


That would be great for parades and such so the little fellow could see.


New safe browsing accessory.


Question: What is the shape that lifts up to start the whole process?
Hint: It's printed all over her fucking T-shirt.
(I only noticed that after looking at it twenty times.)


They probably used a hand tool like this to copy the outline.
It's made up of hundreds of pins that move independently to mimic any shape it is pressed against.


This is a GREAT IDEA!!
It's strong, cheap, and easily changed. I so wish I had thought of that myself.


I am so proud that I DO NOT know what that is.

Sometimes as motivation I reward myself before I accomplish something. It's called a preward and it 100% does not work.



Phantom of the Opera mishap.


Horse rescued after getting stuck.
How do you suppose that happened?


Said to be "Highway in China that goes from 50 Lanes to 4."
Could that be true?


A river pirate who killed at least 6 people including gouging a victim's eyes out is awaiting his execution in China in 1900. He is standing on stones or wood beams.
 Each day, 1 will be removed as his head is secured on the top. Eventually, he will have nothing to stand on and strangle to death.
But to me, he looks like a white guy.


"Might" shit! Looks pretty leaky to me.


That looks like a homemade weapon to me, but I've been wrong before.



Follow the visual clues.


How very, very true.


I'm getting sick and tired of pretty good movies all the sudden turning into a soup opera.
He said that as they were headed into combat with grotesque monsters. Who would do that?

Guys make fun of girls for liking pumpkin spice, Uggs, and the Kardashians as if craft beer, cargo pants, and fantasy football are really cool.




Hell, the devices do all the work.


A class photo from Holywell School in England in 1910. Notice only 1 child is half smiling while the rest look upset in a creepy way.
They do look creepy in a Children of the Corn sort of way.


My mother worked in a chocolate shop when she was in high school. She was told she could eat as much as she wanted. On the first day, she got so sick that she didn't eat chocolate for years afterward.


 Want to guess what this is on a deli slicer?

Hint: It's not an elephant trunk and here are the slices.
A whale penis


Mexican Crocs?


Why it's good to be educated.
In an apocalypse movie the star said this:
It's by Oppenheimer, the Father of Atomic Weapons.
The men who invented the A-bombs thought they were peacemakers. And in a way they were. Oh, they scared the shit out of us, but they scared both sides; rendering them virtually useless for any desired gain - mutually assured destruction. So now, instead of millions of combatants in an all-out conflict, we kill a few thousand in minor disputes - each side backed by a different superpower. Might not be such a bad thing after all.




Read an article that said highly sarcastic people die younger, which is just fucking great.







Well, I've got the drinking large quantities of wine down pat and next I'm going to work on busting up a church and hanging out with whores.







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