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Tuesday, June 12, 2018


One Of My Very Own

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RH: Is there any sane person on Earth who is surprised by this?


Astronauts' movement increased subsurface temperatures on the moon, study finds.
Slight warming of moon observed in the 1970s baffled NASA scientists. But 'lost' data has since helped solve it.



The day Michael Gambon hid a fart machine in Daniel Radcliffe’s sleeping bag...




Canada is paying for signs in Ghana that tell people not to shit on the beach.
Do you think that people who shit on the beach understand the word defecation?




The new sex ed?

“I’m tired of getting out of my car to take a shit.” - the guy about to invent the R.V.



Fun little visual
Looks a little like DNA don't it?


This street in Philadelphia is paved with wood. 


This is a 008004 size capacitor. 
As far as I know, it's the smallest discrete passive out there. These are the things that your phone is (or will be) built with.
Pretty large component down to the smallest. That's a hair just to the right.


I haven't a clue.





How does a thing like this happen?


I don't think so.




It used to be called "House Depot" until they filled it with love.




Just to remind you that I have a thing like that but instead of straws I used rolled dollar bills.


Even with all the ridicule, the movement is GROWING!



If a lumberjack shits in his pants in the woods and no one is around, does it still smell?


Mexican police oversee turtles laying eggs on the beach.


What kind of person would remain in that area?



Watched a movie where people on the Space Station watch a massive nuclear exchange. Impressive.

Then they are running for their lives from vicious killers in the forest when this happens...
Yes, they turned on all the lights to see better.

They had a Gatling gun but it was mounted to the hood, so you have to turn the vehicle to hit anything.
The Swedes had a tank like that, although it was designed to guard more or less straight roads.




Militant Vegans? Jesus!


A pro comes back to the old neighborhood.


These look like OOMVOs.

There are seven years worth of days that my wife could be referencing whenever she says "the other day..."













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