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Thursday, August 15, 2019


One Of My Very Own


I hope for the best...
 But I fear for the worst.




A prominent Russian Instagram influencer was found dead from knife wounds on Friday in a suitcase in her rented Moscow apartment, police said.
Ekaterina Karaglanova, 24, was discovered after her family reported that she had failed to contact them for several days.
Ms. Karaglanova, who had more than 85,000 followers on Instagram, had recently graduated as a doctor.

Police said they were investigating jealousy as a possible motive. Ms. Karaglanova had recently started a new relationship and had planned a holiday to The Netherlands to celebrate her birthday on 30 July, according to Russian daily Moskovsky Komsomolets.




 OK, now I know what I want to be done with my body. 



Just like the one my wife has in her ankle.
More on this in a later post. 



 I took a break from my blog to spend more time with my wife. My wife has requested I spend more time on my blog.



Extreme Valet Parking

Remember what I wrote about the difference in sons and daughters?

If a son had done that the father would have knocked his ass out.

A "How to" "Wait for it" so strange I want you to click on another site.
I laughed aloud. 

And yet we do nothing.

This kid is amazing.

I had this same kind of thing as a kid, except without the gloves and the bat thing was connected to my older brother.

The hazards of working at a fish packing plant.

I would like to hear from people who share their environment with dangerous animals - specifically your close calls.

What could possibly go wrong...


We have all seen this overdramatic bullshit on TV...

 But this motherfucker walks the walk...
 Unless he sitting down, of course.

And this from the same article seems to be a metaphor for modern life...
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

 I watched an overweight young woman take a header from the top of wooden stairs thirty feet up and came down with her beer intact.


The bad news is my wife spent 10 minutes digging in her bag for a comb. 
The good news is she found an earring, a penguin, and a half-eaten burrito.




 Most men really, really like oral sex.

I once was in the mountains of North Carolina with a friend and we happened upon a rock. And my friend told me the girl's name that gave him a blow job on that rock 54 years prior.
 Who said romance is dead?

 What indeed.

Some women are self-starters on this subject...
Be like those women. 




Sleeping in a tent is so relaxing. You can hear the leaves rustling, the loons calling out on the lake and, if you listen closely, whimpering teenagers crying out softly “wifi, wifiiiii”.








 Unique Bathroom Floor
 I found this fascinating.
 The way he trims the tile to match the stones is extraordinary.

What a great idea! 


Playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers...


I feel kind of sad that in some countries children are starving and I'm over here eating spiders in my sleep like a god damn glutton.



A Japanese family returning home from an internment camp find their home and garage vandalized in Seattle, Washington 1945. 



 Meanwhile,in Germany

 George Stiney Jr. was the youngest person to have been executed in the 20th century in the United States (1944).
Two young white girls, 11-year-old Betty June Binnicker, and 7-year-old Mary Emma Thames were found dead in the company mill town of Alcolu, South Carolina, on March 1944, after they had failed to return home the night before. Police arrested 14-year-old George Stinney, as a suspect. They said that he confessed to the crime to them. There was no written record of his confession apart from notes provided by an investigating deputy. No transcript was recorded of the brief trial. Stinney was convicted of first-degree murder of the two girls in less than 10 minutes by an all-white jury, during a two-hour trial. The court refused to hear his appeal. He was executed that year, still age 14, by electric chair.


 When space aliens arrive and ask us to take them to our leader we should take them to the zoo and show them some random creature...then just leave them to figure it out.




 ^^F 1-11^^


 Write that shit down, folks.



 An old classic...






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