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Friday, April 10, 2020

FRIDAY #4124

One Of My Very Own





"Ladder? I don't need no stinking ladder."




With sound:






“No retreat, no surrender!” - a senior citizen who doesn’t know how to put their scooter in reverse and just plows over everything.




Jupiter protecting the Earth from asteroids.



No matter how long the Slinky is, the bottom will hover.




Do you think private citizens should be able to own a predator like that? I do not.

The caption read:
"Is this understood outside the U.K.?"

Yes we do and yes we are.


Lord, give me the confidence and attitude of my toddler at dance class. Amen.





Speaking of...



And boy did I miss this one...








I only Googled how to make a bomb so I can be sure I don't accidentally have bomb-making equipment in my house that would get me arrested in a surprise police raid.

Cop: And yet, here we are...




What a great idea.  

This threaded insert
Why would you need such a thing?  

Ballerina fountain in Poland
I think his whole motor fell off!  





A guy wrote that when he goes through these tunnels he pretends he's in my Viper launching off the Battlestar Galactica.



I still remember when my 10th grade English teacher told us we were going to have a special guest FOR WEEKS and then the special guest turned out to be him in a hat.



When I first met my wife she shared a house and many a morning the roommate would laugh about the noise our bed headboard made slapping the wall. 

I always notice that cars in movies that have bullet holes there are never elongated holes even if the car was fired upon from a car giving chase. All of the holes in the side of the car should be slits not round holes when the shooter was behind the car.

When I Googled bullet holes in cars to find realistic holes I found these stickers which have the grazing shot scars.
 But nobody seems to know how to place those slits. These two examples would require the shooter to be directly above the car.

I cheated on so many spelling tests in school that I have been a terrible speller ever since.
But not this bad...

Maybe instead of STAYTHEFUCKATHOME, I should call it CORN TEEN. 

I usually stay safe but my weakness is my refusal to read the instructions. 

Do other areas have this problem as badly as the American South? 

One of the greatest things about being old is being able to say No anytime I want.

My spirit animal...
But I would be headed to my recliner.





Have you ever actually read Revelations? 






Anonymous said...

puzzle time
quick 9 second glance...I'm guessing #5 since the lower passage is blocked off.

Deejay. said...

Nah, it's number 2.

Unknown said...


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